International Business

The international business track at PhilaU prepares students to become professionals with a distinct ability to understand and excel in the global marketplace. As an international business student, you have the opportunity to become bilingual through advanced study of another language, travel abroad extensively to experience cultural immersion in places like Chile and Vietnam, and the opportunity to broaden your experience by taking a specialization from another track.


International business skills are increasingly valuable in our globalized world. Our students have gone to work at multinational companies including Aramark, Merrill Lynch and Citibank, just to name a few. Consider where you could be in only four short years:

  • Working for a corporation, guiding critical financial decisions
  • Coordinating advertising efforts for a multinational company
  • Continuing your education in a top business or law program

International Business Specializations



Global Culture & Communications

  • Global Diversity and Global Citizenship (6 cr. beyond Hallmark requirements)
  • International Economics (3)

Global Business Studies

  • International Marketing (3)
  • International Management (3)
  • International Finance & Development (3)

Alumni Testimonials


Rahul Asher (International Business/Marketing, 2008)
Current: Contract Specialist, Federal Acquisition Service Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (3QSAD)

“The international business program at Philadelphia University offered me the opportunity to obtain business knowledge and real-life experience. The international business program especially caught my attention because I wanted to study abroad. The program allowed me to have the best experience of my life when I was able to study abroad and intern with reputable organizations in Dubai. The combination of classroom learning and real-life experience made me a better individual, strengthened by business knowledge and interpersonal skills, and prepared me for a successful career.” 



Gabrielle Smedes (International Business/Marketing) (2012)
Current: Digital Media Coordinator, NBC Universal

"PhilaU's International Business program truly encompasses every aspect of preparing for the global world that we live in today. In addition to gaining an overall understanding of international business, IB students have the opportunity to choose a concentration. This gave me the chance to pursue my passion for advertising and apply the concept of global business to a concentrated field such as marketing. Most importantly, the business professors who both taught and advised me throughout my four years brought real-world experience into the classroom that made each lesson relevant and current.

I spent the summer of 2011 studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. As a frequent traveler, I felt that study abroad would be a great experience both academically and socially, but I got so much more out of the trip than I had ever expected. I feel that of my four years in school, I grew and matured the most during my time abroad. Traveling to Europe alone and living with a host family exposed me to a culture and lifestyle that you simply don’t experience as a tourist. I studied Spanish art and politics and met friends from around the world with whom I continue to stay in touch. On weekends I had the opportunity to travel throughout Portugal, England, France, Italy, etc., and met locals along the way who opened my eyes to such different ways of life. That time in my life is something I’ll never forget, and it truly helped prepare me for life after college.

There is nothing more important than applying what you have read in books or heard from your professors in an actual business environment. I had three internships and I stayed with two of the companies for more than one semester. It was important to me to experience more than one type of company and industry because I wasn’t completely certain which direction I wanted to go in once I graduated. I worked with a multicultural advertising agency, a media-focused PR firm, and a major television network. I learned valuable lessons in every position that I now apply to my current position while maintaining connections with professionals with whom I had the chance to work. 

After graduation, I traveled to Europe for a month, and soon after, I received a job with NBC, where I had interned for my entire senior year. I was lucky to receive a job offer from such a great company that allows for a lot of movement between different jobs and offices throughout the world. I owe so much of my success to the professors from whom I learned and reached out to for advice, the program that I followed, and the atmosphere in which I studied. The education that I received at PhilaU adequately prepared me for the business world and made me an extremely competitive candidate when applying for jobs." 


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