Marketing Track

The marketing track at PhilaU prepares students to become professionals with a broad understanding of business, communication, sales and research. As a marketing student you will benefit from dynamic, multidisciplinary training in multimedia communications and business. Additionally, you will learn to analyze demand and market segments, design budgets and campaigns, increase a company’s brand equity, and formulate marketing plans from start to finish.


Marketing is key to creating and maintaining a business’ presence to consumers and related businesses. Our graduates are prepared for careers in advertising, public relations, sales management and more. Consider where you could be in only four short years:

  • Developing a global marketing strategy for a new product based on research
  • Specializing product and brand management for an industrial company
  • Conducting market research to inform decisions for a service company

“A major part of the business curriculum is working on group projects, either with large organizations to develop new products and strategies or as an entrepreneurial/start-up endeavor to bring a new business to the community. These experiences turned out to be top highlights of my time at PhilaU."

Vanessa Stella '11, Marketing and Design
Marketing Coordinator at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Take all three marketing specializations for a focused degree, or mix one or two additional specializations for a customized curriculum.



Advertising & Promotion

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (3)
  • Contemporary Brand Management (3)
  • Public Relations and Media Writing (3) or
    Consumer in the Marketplace (3)

Consumer Insights

  • Consumer in the Marketplace (3)
  • Marketing Research (3)
  • Marketing Strategy Seminar (3)

Digital Media Marketing

  • Marketing in a Digital Environment (3)
  • Survey of E-Commerce (3)
  • Technologies of Communication (3) or
    Consumer in the Marketplace (3) or
    Contemporary Brand Management (3) or
    Integrated Marketing Communications (3)

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