Sue Lehrman, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Business Administration
PhD, University of California at Berkeley; BS, Oregon State University
Phone: 215-951-6337
E-mail: LehrmanS@PhilaU.edu




Stuart L. Borowsky, CPA
CPA, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; MBA, BS, Drexel University.
Associate Professor of Accounting
Phone: 215-951-2817
E-mail: BorowskyS@PhilaU.edu
Professional/Research Interests: Federal Taxes for Individuals and Small Business, Business Franchising.


Hua Chang, Ph.D.
PhD, Drexel University; MA Washington State University; BA Beihang University
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: 215-951-2764
E-mail: ChangH@PhilaU.edu

Susan Christoffersen, Ph.D.
PhD, MA, New York University; BA, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Associate Professor of Economics and Finance
Phone: 215-951-2821
E-mail: ChristoffersenS@PhilaU.edu
Web site: Christoffersen.
Professional/Research Interests: International Competition in Innovation Races, Incentives for R&D Subsidies, Measurements of Firm Success, Use of retirement Benefits in Estimating Economic Loss, Textile Industry Dy


Jason T. Crook, MBA
MBA, Philadelphia University; BS, Gardner-Webb University
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: 215-951-2560
E-mail: CrookJ@PhilaU.edu
Twitter:  @ProfJCrook
Professional/Research Interests: New Product Launches, Creative Development, and Integrated Communication; US patent as co-inventor of a “Method and System for Analyzing Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies;” Neuromarketing; Business Model Development; Innovation & Creativity; Teamwork & Collaboration; Entrepreneurial Thinking; The Business of Design.namics, Pedagogy



Anusua Datta, Ph.D. 
PhD, University of Wisconsin; MA, Osmania University; M.Phil., Centre for Economic and Social Studies; BA, St. Francis College
Associate Professor of Economics/Statistics
Phone: 215-951-2810
E-mail: DattaA@PhilaU.edu
Professional/Research Interests:  Industrial Organization, International Trade & Growth, Health Economics



Marie-Eve Faust, Ph.D.
PhD, M.Sc.A., École Polytechnique Université de Montréal, Canada; B.A., École supérieure de mode de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, B.A.A., Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Assistant Professor Fashion Merchandising
Phone: 215-951-5329
E-mail: FaustM@Philau.edu
Professional/Research Interests: Focus on size labeling system, vanity sizing, 3D body scanner & anthropometric (body measurements and fit) and body cathexis. She has also published on mass customization linked to garments sizes



G. Creighton Frampton Ph.D.
PhD, MBA, University of South Carolina; BA, Presbyterian College.
Associate Professor of Marketing
Phone: 215-951-2820
E-mail: Frampton@PhilaU.edu
Professional/Research Interests: Forensic Economics.




Harvey B. Lermack
MBA, Widener University; BS, Pennsylvania State University
Assistant Professor of Management
Phone: 215-951-2818
E-mail: LermackH@PhilaU.edu
Web site: Lermack
Professional/Research Interests: Leadership Development and Training; Enterprise Risk Management Leadership, Implementation and Cost of Risk; Organizational Behavior and its Impact on Leadership and Strategy Implementation.



Chae Mi Lim, Ph.D.
PhD University of Tennessee; BS, Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: 215-951-2812
E-mail: LimC@Philau.edu
Professional/Research Interests: consumer experience associated with luxury bargain shopping, value retailing, non-traditional retailing, global consumers in emerging market, and consumers in technology market. Her scholarly work on value retailing received the Best Paper Award from the American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA) in 2007.   Active member of professional organizations including International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) and American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA)



D. K. Malhotra, Ph.D
PhD, MA, University of Alabama; MS, BS, University of Delhi.
Professor of Finance
Phone: 215-951-2813
E-mail: MalhotraD@PhilaU.edu
Web site: World of Finance
Professional/Research Interests: Interest Rate Swaps, Currency Swaps, Mutual Funds, and Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Finance.



Elizabeth L. Mariotz, Ed.D.
EdD, MEd, Temple University; BS, West Virginia University
Director, Fashion Merchandising and Management
Associate Professor of Retail Management and Marketing
Ph: 215-951-2827
E-mail: MariotzE@PhilaU.edu
Professional/Research Interests: Fashion Merchandising.




Jaideep T. Naidu, Ph.D.
PhD, University of Mississippi; MBA, BE, Osmania University, India.
Assistant Professor of Operations and Management
Phone: 215-951-2816
E-mail: NaiduJ@PhilaU.edu
Professional/Research Interests: Sequencing and Scheduling Problems (heuristics algorithms), Traveling Salesman Problem, Networking and Flow Diagrams.



Natalie Nixon, Ph.D.
Ph.D. University of Westminster, M.S. Philadelphia University, B.A. Vassar College
Associate Professor, Fashion Industry Management; Program Director Strategic Design MBA
Phone: 215-951-2787
E-mail: NixonN@PhilaU.edu




Raymond R. Poteau, CPA
CPA, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; MBA, George Washington University; BBA, Temple University
Professor of Accounting
Phone: 215-951-2811
E-mail: PoteauR@PhilaU.edu
Web site: World of Accounting
Professional/Research Interests: Accounting for Business Combinations, Accounting for Foreign Operations, Auditing Standards, State and Local Government Accounting.


Cathy A. Rusinko, Ph.D.
PhD, MA, BS, BA, Pennsylvania State University.
Professor of Management
Phone: 215-951-2679
E-mail: RusinkoC@PhilaU.edu
Professional/Research Interests: Sustainability in Corporations & Higher Education, Technology & Innovation Management, Organizational Change


Philip Russel, Ph.D.
PhD, University of Massachusetts; MBA, Morgan State University; BCom, MA University of Delhi, India
Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Finance
Phone: 215-951-2814
E-mail: RusselP@PhilaU.edu
Web site: Russel.
Professional/Research Interests: Corporate Bankruptcy and Mutual Funds.



Lloyd C. Russow, Ph.D.
PhD, MBA, Georgia State University; BA, New York University
Professor of International Business and Marketing
Phone: 215-951-2819
E-mail: RussowL@PhilaU.edu
Web site: Everything International
Professional/Research Interests: Foreign Market Assessment And Identification, Market Entry Strategies, Economic Development




James N. Solano, CPA
CPA, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; MBA, MS, BS, Temple University
Associate Professor of Accounting
Phone: 215-951-2826
E-mail: SolanoJ@PhilaU.edu 
Professional/Research Interests: Federal Taxes, Professional Athlete Contract Negotiations




Les M. Sztandera, Ph.D.
PhD, University of Toledo; MS, University of Missouri; Diploma, Cambridge University
Professor of Computer Information Systems
Ph: 215-951-5356
E-mail: SztanderaL@PhilaU.edu
Web Site: Sztandera
Professional/Research Interests: computational intelligence




Nioka Wyatt
MBA, University of Phoenix; BS, Philadelphia University
Assistant Professor
Ph: 215-951-5377
E-mail: WyattN@PhilaU.edu
Professional/Research Interests: Production Strategies, Retailing, & Social Innovation