A Welcome from the Dean

Under President Stephen Spinelli’s leadership, Philadelphia University is pursuing a unique and passionate vision to be the model for professional university education. Our focus is on innovation and integrating professional training and liberal arts learning so that our graduates are prepared for the transdisciplinary realities of the 21st-century work world.  The School of Business Administration, part of the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, is pleased to be an integral part of this vision.

At PhilaU, we provide you not only with the skills and knowledge you will need to succeed in your first job, but also the versatility necessary to discover new professions and opportunities as technologies and business models evolve. You’ll leave PhilaU with the big-picture perspective, business acumen and specific skills from your major course of study that are invaluable to today’s and tomorrow’s employers.

While multidisciplinary classes, collaborative learning, industry partnerships and professional training may be new concepts for other universities, I am proud to say that these principles make up the cornerstone of our mission. Industry leaders seek out Philadelphia University graduates because they are well-prepared professionals with expert knowledge of their industry and the distinct ability to work collaboratively with professionals from other disciplines. We couldn't ask for a better affirmation of our program’s tradition of excellence. Our students, faculty and alumni constantly inspire me. As the future of the University, you inspire me. It’s an honor and a thrill to lead our programs on their paths to growth and continued success. Here’s to staying ahead of the curve.


Sue Lehrman, Dean

School of Business Administration