The University’s focus on innovation and integrating professional training and liberal arts learning in order to prepare graduates for the transdisciplinary realities of the 21st-century work world is reflected in all the School of Business Administration says and does.

Overarching School of Business Mission: Our graduates have the disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth to innovatively confront the challenges that exist today and that will emerge in the future.

School of Business Teaching Mission: Our Nexus Learning and teaching model focuses on active learning and real-world problem solving through collaboration between students and faculty across disciplines and with external partners.

School of Business Scholarship Mission: We encourage scholarship that is essential to the professional development of our faculty, contributes to the practice of management, and informs and enriches our teaching.

Each of our business programs has a set of program goals and objectives that support our mission.  Program goals and objectives can be found under each program in the Philadelphia University catalog.

Take a look at the School of Business Administration Learning Goals, Outcomes and Results.