Becoming a Mentor

PhilaU Mentor Connect was developed to create a space where alumni and students could connect professionally to explore a mentor/mentee relationship. 

PhilaU Mentor Connect is an informal mentoring program in which 1) mentors and mentees connect with each other via LinkedIn (vs. being connected or matched by a third party) and 2) the mentoring relationship is not structured as compared with a formal mentoring program.  Successful mentoring relationships are grounded in trust, respect and mutually agreed-upon goals.  As you enter into a mentor/mentee relationship, please consult the resources provided below.

Mentor is a trusted counselor or guide; a tutor or coach.   Typical qualities of successful mentors include:

  • Genuine interest in helping others
  • Available and committed to investing time in the relationship and mentee’s development
  • Emotionally mature
  • Excellent listening, coaching and feedback skills
  • Sensitive to other’s professional developmental needs
  • Respects confidentiality and values trust

The role of the Mentor can include the following:

  • Help the mentee understand, identify with and connect to the professional environment
  • Build the mentee’s self-confidence
  • Be a source of information and encouragement
  • Establish open lines of communication
  • Provide career guidance
  • Help develop independent and creative thinking
  • Liaise between mentee and network contacts


How It Works

Establishing a Mentor/Mentee “Agreement”

Additional Resources for Mentors


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