Academic Eligibility Requirements and Credit Options

Many Philadelphia University students can choose to earn academic credit for their internships. Typically, students whose degree program supports a credit-bearing internship can earn three or six credits, or obtain transcript notation, if they meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Students must be registered as a full-time student at the University.
  • Students must have junior-, senior-, or fifth-year standing with a G PA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Qualified graduate students will have completed their first year of study and have a G PA above 3.25.
  • Students participating in a for-credit internship are registered for a related course, are required to complete graded assignments in relationship to their work with your organization, and are advised by faculty during their work term.
  • CREDIT OPTIONS                                                                                                 Students enrolled in a for-credit internship course are expected to intern a set number of hours per week each semester. Students pursuing a 3-credit internship must work a minimum of 144 hours by the conclusion of the semester, totaling between 12-20 hours per week. Student may also pursue a 6-credit, or full-time, internship; for this option, students are required to work 35 hours or more per week totaling 420 hours by the end of the 12-week semester.
  • Finally, students may also pursue a transcript-notation internship. While not earning credit for this internship, students are still expected to complete a minimum of 144 hours at the internship site and are still required to complete assignments, are advised by a faculty internship advisor, and are evaluated on their performance at the conclusion of the semster. Most employers who require that students earn credit for their internship allow students to pursue this transcript-notation internship.
  •         Terms of internship employment if earning academic credit:
  • Part-time

    12-20 hours per week

    Minimum of 12 weeks


    35 or more hours per week

    Minimum of 12 weeks

  • Fall

    Late August - Early December


    Early January - Late April/Early May


    Late May/Early June - Late August

  • EMPLOYER-RELATED ACTIVITIES FOR ACADEMIC INTERNSHIPS             Listed below are the employer-related activities for Philadelphia University’s s internship program for students earning academic credit, highlighting the level of involvement requested of the internship site as part of the student’s experience:
    • At the beginning of the internship semester, the student is expected to develop “Learning Objectives,” or goals, for the period of work experience, and must complete the assignment in collaboration with the internship supervisor.
    • At the middle of the semester, if schedules permit the intern’s Faculty Internship Advisor, may be in contact to arrange a brief site visit. 
    • And finally, at the end of the term, an evaluation is sent to the supervisor to evaluate the intern’s performance with the company during the internship; the evaluation then becomes part of the student’s grade for the internship course.


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