Best Practices for Internship

Employers, faculty, and students consistently provide us with valuable information related to what makes an internship experience great for them. As you continue to establish and refine your internship program, we’d like to share some best practices (as outlined by the National Association of College and Employers):
  • Provide interns with real world projects and work assignments.
  • Hold orientation and training sessions for interns.
  • Encourage team involvement.
  • Have an intern manager or direct supervisor for interns.
  • Provide interns with an employee handbook.
  • Bring in speakers from your company’s executive ranks.
  • Conduct focus groups/surveys to measure and evaluate your internship program.
  • Showcase interns’ work and accomplishment through formal presentations or expos.
  • Evaluate your intern and provide them with constructive professional feedback.
  • Conduct exit interviews.
  • Provide housing, relocation, or financial compensation where applicable.


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