Corporate Connections FAQS

Thursday, September 19, 2013
11:45pm – 2:00pm
Kanbar Campus Center | Performance Space

Question:  Who is eligible to attend?
  • As requested by our employer partners, currently enrolled Philadelphia University students in the following undergraduate majors are invited to attend Corporate Connections: Accounting, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Industry Management, Finance, Management, Marketing, International Business, Professional Communications and Psychology/Sciences. 
  • Graduate students in the MBA and Fashion Apparel Studies programs may also attend, as their skill sets fit well with our employers' needs.
  • Seniors and Graduate students (who will be graduating in December or May) are urged to attend in order to speak with employers about full-time opportunities which are not immediate-fill but instead typically budgeted for the upcoming June. 
  • Graduate students who will not be graduating in the Spring, Juniors and sometimes Sophomores will have the opportunity to speak with employers about internship opportunities -- it will be vital to research each individual company to know if you will be eligible based on your class standing.
  • If you are a first-year student, we also encourage you to stop by at the event in order to absorb the atmosphere and learn about what to expect for recruiting events you'll attend in subsequent years.

Question:  What happens when I register?
Answer: After registering for the event, you will receive several follow-up emails from the Career Services staff.  These emails will include updates about the event as well as details regarding the actual day.   As a result of registering, you will also receive a professional nametag that was created on your behalf.  You will pick up your nametag once you arrive at the event, demonstrating preparedness to the employers with whom you interact.

Question:  What should I do to prepare for the event?
  • First, research the list of companies that are planning to attend the event (see Researching a Company resources) in detail, focusing on how the organization aligns with your interests, values and career goals.
  • Secondly, create a "Wish List" of all of the companies with whom you'd like to meet.  The event will allow you to approach recruiters from organizations and to speak with them about the opportunities that they have available, including full-time positions and internships; because of this, it will also be important to prepare your 30-second spot, or “elevator speech.” An elevator speech will serve as your introduction to the employer and will allow you to begin discussing how your skills and interests align with the company for which they work.
  • For additional information on how to prepare for the event, check out these resources.

Question:  Why is it important for me to meet with employers who are "scouting for talent"?
  • You may find in your research before Corporate Connections that there are some employers who are attending the event and have identified that they will have “no open positions” but “will be scouting talent.”  It is important for you to come to Corporate Connections and meet face-to-face with these employers on the day of the event to showcase your skill sets and to network with professionals in your industry.
  • You might be wondering why employers might be coming just to “scout talent”.  In a typical job market, “…[o]only about 5-20% of all job openings are ever publicly known, which results in about four-fifths, or 70-85% of the job market being ‘closed.’  This means that it is difficult to find new openings unless one does some digging.  Strategies for uncovering the hidden job market include networking…”  (Taken from the “Job Seeker Glossary” on  As you are aware, the job market right now is not exactly “typical” -- it is tighter and much more competitive that it has been in recent years.
  • Therefore, developing a strong professional network is going to be an essential factor in determining the success of your job search.  Rather than focusing your attention only on employers who have open positions, it is VITAL to make personal connections with employers and individuals in the industry that you wish to enter.  At Corporate Connections, by taking the time to meet with employers face-to-face, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your talents, to convey your enthusiasm for their organization and to impress them with your knowledge and past experiences.
  • If all of this information has not yet convinced you, here is the logic behind making these face-to-face meetings a priority in your job or internship search -- if you have proven your knowledge and skills to someone at Corporate Connections who is “scouting talent”, your name may surface on a short-list of candidates they reach out to when a new position does become available. Don’t YOU want to be on that list?

Question:  What should I wear?
  • Use your best judgment when choosing attire for the day of Corporate Connections. In the past, students have been turned away from entering the event if they were in jeans, athletic clothes or and sneakers.
  • It is possible that the employer who ultimately hires you encourages a casual day-to-day work environment; however, it is important to keep in mind that you will be meeting with and be seen by many employers over the course of the morning that represent a wide variety of work cultures.  With that being said, it is recommended that you dress to the highest common denominator and not to the lowest.  For many organizations attending Corporate Connections, it is best to wear a suit or at least professional business attire.
  • If you have questions about what to wear based on the industry you are aiming to enter, check out this website and/or stop by the Career Services Center and speak with a counselor.

Question:  What should I expect when I arrive?
  • When you arrive at the Kanbar Performance Space, check in at the corridor across from the Information Desk to obtain your nametag.  At the check-in station, you can also pick up a list of the companies who are in attendance at the event.  You can then drop off your coats and bags and prepare yourself to speak with employers.
  • The Performance space will be set up with high cocktail tables and employers will be standing at a table designated to their organization by a small, elevated sign.  It is your responsibility to approach employers with whom you are interested in speaking and engage them in a conversation.

Question: What about a business card and my resume?
Answer:  Business cards can be an effective way to keep in touch with individuals you meet but they are certainly not a material that is required to attend the event.  When meeting with representatives from organizations in which you have an interest, don't forget to ask for their card.  At this time, you can also offer your own business card (if you have them).  As for your resume -- make sure to bring multiple copies along with you.

Question: Which organizations are recruiting from my major?
Answer: For a list of attendees that will be at the event, view the main Corporate Connections page.

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