Design Expo List of Attendees

Below is a list of organizations who will be attending DesignExpo on April 3rd, 2014.

*An "X" indicates the majors with whom they are interested in speaking.

REMINDER - DesignExpo requires students to do the following:

  1. Register to attend the event
  2. Create a behance portfolio/link your existing behance portfolio to 
  3. Research companies, focusing on those that recruiting for your major
  4. Print, complete and return the profile sheet*
  5. Attend the event
Company Name Animation Arch Graphic Industrial IDM Interior Int Arch Land Arch  Sustainable I/FT
215 Marketing X X X I/FT
Array Architects X         X       I/FT
AYC Media     X   X         I/FT
Barton Partners X X X X I/FT
Buell Kratzer Powell   X               I/FT
Black and Poole   X       X X     I/FT
Blue Design TV X   X   X         I/FT
BlueBell Kitchens X X I/FT
Bright Common   X         X   X I
BRR Architecture   X               I/FT
BUCKL Architects X I/FT
Carrier Class Group: CCG X X X X X I/FT
Community Marketing Concepts X I/FT
Converse Winkler Architecture LLC X X I/FT
Cope Linder Architects X X X I/FT
Design Blendz X X X   X X X     I/FT
DesignDesign X I
DesignLynkx X X X X I
Digitas Health X X I/FT
Ewing Cole X X I/FT
Gensler X X X X X FT
GSW X   X   X         I/FT
HDR, Inc. X X I/FT
Iron Mountains, LLC X I/FT
J-THOM   X       X       I/FT
KDA Architects X X X I/FT
Kramer+Marks Architects X X X X I/FT
LaFrance Corp       X           I
Lasko Products     X X X         I/FT
Lutron Electronics Company X X X FT
Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design           X       I/FT
Meyer Design Inc   X       X       I
Morrissey Design   X       X X     I/FT
MVP Architects X                 I/FT
PJA Architecture   X               I/FT
SDI Technologies     X X           I/FT
Shamlian     X   X         I
Stantec X X X I/FT
Tenthwave     X   X         I/FT
TerraCycle       X   X     X I
Today's Systems     X   X         I
The Boss Group X   X   X         FT
The Creative Group X   X   X         FT
Tipping Point Media X   X   X         I/FT
Toll Brothers X X X   X     X   I/FT
Tonic Design  X   X   X         I/FT
Verden Interior Design Studios X X X I
Vius         X         I/FT
Wallace Roberts & Todd Design   X           X   I/FT
Xcelerated Concepts   X       X X     I

*Profile sheet:  Each participating student will receive a profile sheet after submitting your images.  Employers will use these sheets to learn about you as well as to request a 15-minute time slot to meet with you during the Invitation-Only Review periodsAfter you submit your portfolio images for the event, you will be sent a copy of the profile sheet.  We ask that you have this sheet filled out and returned to the Career Services Center by noon on 3/27/14.


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