Student Internships and the Career Services Center

The Career Services Center:

  • Assists students in their internship search by helping them explore and apply to internship opportunities, while offering professional development programming to prepare them before and during their internship.
  • Supports students with an interest in earning academic credit to secure a professional experience in their field of study, while acting as the intermediary between the students' internship site and faculty internship advisor.
  • Works with each student as an individual to seek out the best possible internship experience, while promoting the development of key professional skills through events and exposure to other career-related resources.

At Philadelphia University, students may complete internships without receiving academic credit, or pursue an academic or credit-bearing internship. We encourage all students who are pursuing or completing internships to work with the Career Services Center so we can best support their internship needs and professional development.

Internships are intended to be a professional learning experience, with each position offering a student the opportunity to apply learned classroom skills and to develop as a professional in the field. Internships provide student with the opportunity to develop and/or sharpen key professional skills necessary to be considered a viable full-time professional in their particular field or industry upon concluding their internship.

The Career Services Center recommends that students begin searching for internships during their sophomore year, aiming to secure an internship the summer before their junior year. At this point, students will have completed several key courses in their major that can assist them in better clarifying the career path that might be a good fit for them. Typically, employers seek to hire students who are entering their junior or senior years of college because, at that time, they have developed some important knowledge, skills, and general professional know-how to best suit the needs of the employer. At the same time, students will get more out of their internship experience because they are better able to directly apply the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom to “real world” experience. Students who are interested in gaining experience in other ways (e.g., job shadowing, informational interviews, externships, etc.) should review the Career Services Center’s website or contact the Center to schedule an appointment with a counselor to obtain additional information.


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