Information for Internship Advisors

Faculty Internship Advisor Position Description

Faculty involvement in a student's internship and learning experience is critical to ensure relevant student learning. Faculty Internship Advisors are asked to assist each student in achieving a successful integration of classroom theory with the practice derived from the professional setting, while providing support to the student as s/he learns about the profession.

Essential Duties – in the course of the student’s internship semester, Faculty Internship Advisors will:

  • Be accessible and communicate regularly with assigned students about the internship site, learning goals, assignments, and expectations for any additional, specialized coursework.
  • Conduct site visits or outreach to students at mid-term whenever possible, to strengthen the university relationship with the employer as well as ensure a proper learning environment and experience for the student intern.
  • Review all coursework submitted by students as well as the Employer Evaluation to determine a grade based on the student’s performance in the workplace as well as the quality and thoughtfulness of internship writing assignments.

Additional Duties – over time, Faculty Internship Advisors are also requested to:

  • Work hand-in-hand with the Career Services Center to identify and develop internships. This may include forwarding industry-specific internship listings to the attention of the Career Services Center and discussing internships with employer contacts.
  • Serve as an advocate for credit-bearing internships to their students and within their academic program and school.
  • Participate in internship course development, with attention to current professional trends, ensuring the appropriateness of assignments and goals in relation to industry.

Faculty members interested in becoming Faculty Internship Advisors should contact their Dean and/or the Career Services Center.

List and Contact Information for Faculty Internship Advisors by Major (PDF)

Registration Forms (all PDFs)

General Course Syllabi (PDFs for all)

Learning Objectives Assignment

Guidelines for Contact with Site Supervisors (PDF)

Faculty Internship Advisor Compensation Information

Faculty Internship Advisors are paid a stipend through the Office of Academic Affairs for their role in advising students during the academic internship course and process. Faculty Internship Advisor stipends are awarded per intern advisee and the amount is dependent upon the number of credits, including transcript-notation, for which the student is earning. Faculty Internship Advisors earn $200 per advisee for students who are interning for transcript-notation or 3 credits and $400 per student who is interning for 6 credits. Stipends are awarded after grades have been submitted for all intern advisees at the conclusion of each semester.


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