Marianne Able Career Services Center

Philadelphia University prepares students not only to land top internships and jobs, but to become industry leaders. At PhilaU, we call our transdisciplinary, professionally focused approach to education Nexus Learning. Consistent with this approach, the Marianne Able Career Services Center assists students and alumni in capitalizing on their PhilaU experience, helping them achieve their professional goals. 95% of our 2015 graduates secured jobs and graduate school acceptance. 

The Marianne Able Career Services Center is named for Marianne Able for her dedicated service as the director of the Career Services Center from 1972 to 1996. Click here to learn more about her and her PhilaU legacy.  


Nicole Tuite '15

Jr. Designer, Lincoln Investment

At Lincoln Investment, Nicole works collaboratively on a marketing team to develop materials for use by over 800 financial advisors...

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