On Campus Recruiting Policy

On-Campus Interviewing Guidelines for participation

Each semester the Career Services Center at Philadelphia University hosts multiple employers that conduct on-campus interviews to recruit for internships and full time positions.

Below is an outline of the entire On-Campus Interview process and guidelines for participation.

Please make sure that you read the following process carefully which outlines the steps to participate. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Career Services at 215-951-2930.

How to Apply:

Employers typically post positions on CareerLink 2-6 weeks before the resume deadline. Employers are recruiting for SPECIFIC positions during the campus interviews and you should read the job description, qualifications, responsibilities, pay, duration of experience, and location VERY carefully before applying. To apply for on-campus interviews, log into CareerLink and click on “Campus Interviews – Qualify For”. You can also view the on-campus interviews by clicking on the “CareerLink Jobs” tab and then using the drop-down box “Show Me” click on “All Interviews”.

Click on the position that you are interested in applying for --remember, you must have an approved resume in CareerLink to apply for ANY position, including on-campus interviews in CareerLink.

Once you click on the position and read the description, you should view all the “Schedule Details” (See example below. There is a description of each section in the order that they appear in the example). Schedule Details outline the following:

a. Interview Date: The interview date is the day that the employer will be conducting on-campus interviews. By applying for the position, you are indicating that you are available to interview on that date if you are selected. If the date conflicts with your schedule and you apply, you are indicating that you will make the necessary arrangements to be available for an interview if you are selected. If you know that you will not be able to attend on the interview date, then you should not apply to the on-campus interview. If something changes before the resume deadline, you can withdraw your application from the on-campus interview.

b. OCR Interview Location: All on-campus interviews take place in the Career Services Center, Kanbar 313. You should arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview time and sign in at the Career Services reception desk. The recruiter will come and greet you in the office and take you to the interview room.

c. Schedule Type – Pre-select: All on-campus interviews at Philadelphia University are pre-selected interviews. You have until the resume deadline to submit your resume and recruiters typically “pre-select” their candidates that they would like to interview the next day. The process is very tight and that is why the resume deadline is extremely strict and must be adhered to.

d. Resume Deadlines: This is a strict deadline (midnight) and you must submit your resume within the timeframe in order to be considered for the interview.

e. Sign-Up Start: The day of the sign-up start you will receive an email if you have been selected for the interview. Employers typically select interview candidates 1-2 days after the resume deadline (that is why you must meet the strict resume deadline!!). Once you have received an email that you have been selected, please log back into CareerLink to select an interview time. Once you log into CareerLink you will see instructions on the home page that indicate how to choose an interview time. Please note that you are typically not sent an email if you are NOT selected. You can log into CareerLink after the sign-up start to view your status.

f. Sign-Up End: If you are selected for an interview, you must sign up for an interview time by the sign-up end date. As you can see, the sign up end date is typically very close to the actual interview date.

g. Screening Criteria: The screening criterion indicates the type of student that the employer is interested in recruiting. If you meet the criteria but can still not sign up for an interview, please click on the “Profile” tab to update your academic information.

Interview Date(s) Oct 14, 2008
OCR Interview Location Kanbar Building
Career Services Center 313 Schedule Details
Schedule Type: Pre-Select

resume submission start date
August 6, 2008 12:00 am

resume submission end date
October 5, 2008 11:59 pm

Sign-Up Start Date
October 8, 2008 12:00 am

Sign-Up End Date
October 10, 2008 11:59 pm Screening Criteria
Class Level

Senior, FT Day MBA, Graduate Student

On-Campus Interviewing Cancellation and NO SHOW Policy

Policies and Procedures:

These policies were created to be fair to all students who participate in the on-campus interviews process. Our employer partners are excited to recruit Philadelphia University students and we want to ensure that they are interviewing candidates with genuine intentions for securing employment. Employers assume that the candidates they choose to interview have a serious interest in the company and position and will be available on the day of the interview.

If you submit your resume for a position we are assuming that you are currently making arrangements to be available that day (i.e., talking to your professor, making arrangements with your work supervisor, etc). Submitting your resume for an on-campus interview means that you are committing to the interview day IF you are selected.

If you are selected for an interview, you must sign up for an interview time by the deadline. Once again, you need to make arrangements to attend on that interview day as a result of your having applied. The employer has assumed that you are available to attend and has chosen you over other applicants.

If you fail to show up for the on-campus interview that you have signed up for you are considered a “no show” and you must send an email apology to the employer within 48 hours copying the Dean of your school and the Associate Director of Career Services. The Associate Director of Career Services will contact you immediately and pass along the employer’s information if you miss the interview.

If you fail to sign up for an interview time or fail to show up for an on-campus interview more than 2 times you will be prohibited from participating in the on-campus interview process for the remainder of the academic year.

Finally, if there is an emergency on the day of the interview, please contact the Career Services Center immediately at 215-951-2930.

Cancellation Policy

If you have signed up for an interview cancellations will be accepted 2 days prior to the interview, giving the Career Services Center enough time to fill your slot with an alternative candidate. A non-emergency cancellation received less than 48 hours is considered a “no-show”. (see step #3 for “no-show” policy)  


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