Major and Career Exploration

The first step in your career planning process is to gather information about yourself. This is important because it can realistically inform the major and career options that fit you best. The better you understand and can articulate characteristics about yourself, the better equipped you will be to find majors, internships and full-time jobs, and graduate programs that are compatible with those characteristics.

How Self Assessments Can Help Me...

Below, move through each of the steps in the order presented as each builds on the previous step.  Save each worksheet that you complete for your records and/or to share with a career counselor. 

Self- Assessment Steps:

Step 1 – Clarify Interests:

Use the worksheets to the right to start thinking about what interests you and what is important to you.

Step 2 – Clarify Values:

Use the worksheets to the right to identify what motivates you and is important to you in the world of work.

Step 3 - Clarify Skills :

Use the worksheets to the right to identify the skills you possess and narrow the list of skills you want to use in the future.

Step 4 - Clarify Personality Preferences:

Use the worksheets to the right to understand your personal qualities in relation to the workplace.

Step 5- Clarify Work Environment Preferences:

Use this worksheet to determine the factors of a work environment that appeal to you.

Step 6 – Clarify Major and Career Choice:

Now that you have a better idea of your preferences, strengths, etc., use the link to the right to explore various PhilaU majors and related career paths.

If you have completed all of the steps above and still need assistance, please contact Career Services.

Career Exploration - I know my major, now what?

Considering changing your major?

  1. Learn about the "Change of Major Process"

  2. Stay in touch with your Academic Advisor as well as the Learning & Advising Center in order to discuss the logistics of such a change


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