Change of Major Process

What is the process for changing majors?

Undergraduate students who wish to request a Change of Major must obtain the proper form from the Learning and Advising Center. In some cases, students will wish to change their major during their first year of study at Philadelphia University, and this will be possible.  In other majors, specifically design majors, time is needed to review students’ work before accepting them into the new major.

Completing a Change of Major form requires the approval and signatures of multiple individuals including the endorsement of the Dean/Program Director in the proposed new major and the director of Learning and Advising Center prior to formally making the change.

Students who request a Change of Major into the following programs: Architecture, Architectural Studies, Digital Design, all Engineering majors, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Physician Assistant must consult with the Learning and Advising Center because certain timelines, stipulations and additional signatures may be required.


(information taken from the Undergradute Catalog)


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