Four Year Career Plan for Success

The 4yr Plan for Career Success begins with your time as a freshman, and lists different activities that you should aim to complete each new academic year.  Should you have any questions about where you are, should be, want to be, or how to get prepared for the professional world outside of the campus community, contact our office at 215-951-2930 to discuss your personal plan with a career counselor.

My 4yr plan for Career Success

Four Year Plan :   Gain an EDGE for career success


Freshman Year: Exploration

  • Join CareerLink, PhilaU’s source for jobs, networking and career‐related events.

  • Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to iidentify interests, skills, work values and personality preferences to help you determine your career interest.

  • Develop relationships with professors, advisors, and counselors.  Turn them into mentors by asking about their career paths and advice about specific career paths.

  • Validate that your major is a good fit for your career interests utilizing Majors Worksheets.

  • Start gathering information on careers you are interested in pursuing; know the steps needed to attain a position in that career field.

  • Get involved: Join a club or organization to develop interpersonal skills, explore different interests, make friends, and develop leadership opportunities.  Explore applying to Emerging Leaders program.

  • Visit the Career Services Center to become familiar with its services and resources and how it can help you on your quest to be successful after graduation.

  • Get a part time or summer job related to your major by attending the Career and Internship Fair in the spring.


Sophomore Year: Defining

  • Create or update résumés, cover letters, and thank‐you notes utilizing Career Service Center’s Resources.

  • Upload your résumé on CareerLink.

  • Explore a study abroad option for your junior year. 

  • Meet one-on-one with a counselor to learn about the Internship Program and develop a personal job search strategy.

  • Develop a LinkedIn profile, connect with professionals and join PhilaU Connect.

  • Take on leadership positions in clubs and organizations to develop communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

  • Conduct an informational interview with someone who works in a career field of interest.

  • Attend career fairs and other employer events.

  • Prepare images, a design portfolio and a digital portfolio to present to employers.

  • Apply to participate in L.E.A.D.


Junior Year: Goal Setting

  • Attend Corporate Connections and other Career Services Center events to understand how to speak so recruiters listen, how to make sense of your past experiences, and how to learn about opportunities.

  • Decide if graduate or professional school is necessary to reach your career goals. If it is, start planning at the beginning of your junior year and attend the Graduate School Workshop in the spring.

  • Update your CareerLink profile, résumé, design and digital portfolios and LinkedIn profile with each new experience.

  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss your job search, and to answer any questions about your career path, skills to improve upon, and revising your job search documents.

  • Complete at least one  internship or related work experience and build your résumé.

  • Attend an interview skills workshop and utilize Interview Stream to practice.

  • Apply for On-Campus interviews with employers on CareerLink.

  • Use your personal and professional network to identify opportunities.


Senior Year: Experience

  • Identify professionals who are willing to serve as references and write letters of recommendation.

  • Fine-tune your interview skills by utilizing Interview Stream to prepare for full‐time job, internship or graduate/professional school interviews.

  • Update your CareerLink profile, résumé, design and digital portfolios and LinkedIn profile with each new experience.

  • Identify full‐time job opportunities and apply through CareerLink.

  • Use CareerLink to participate in the On‐Campus Interviewing Program.

  • Tailor your résumé and cover letter to each full‐time position for which you apply.

  • Use your personal network to identify opportunities and join PhilaU Connect on LinkedIn.

  • Send thank‐you letters to employers with whom you interview and to your references.

  • Attend career fairs and other events.

  • Complete the Career Update Survey to inform Philadelphia University of your post-graduate plans.


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