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Information provided by “Pocket Guide to Grad Admissions” booklet offered from The Princeton Review


If you are considering an advanced degree, use the information on this page to help guide you through the process of applying to graduate school.  Below you will find resources that you can use as you consider your post graduation options. 


Did you know?  Each year, a half million (500,000) students apply to medical, law, business, and graduate schools throughout the county.   Some students get in to an advaned degree program while others do not and the key to their success lies in the details and the attention they give to the graduate school application process.   Follow the links below for specific information regarding graduate schools, the application process, and what you can do to get ahead of your peers.


There are some important facts to know about graduate school regardless of what you are looking to do…

  1. Grades during college matter...and they matter a lot.
  2. Higher scores on standardized test scores always help; lower test scores often (but not always) hurt.
  3. Your experiences have the ability to set you apart.
  4. Personalized letters of recommendation always help, whether they are required pieces of the application or not.

As you consider working toward a higher level degree, note that there are four main tracks to graduate or professional school.   Follow the links below for specific information about each.


              Graduate School              Medical School              

              Business School               Law School 



The admissions process for getting into graduate school can be difficult.  One specifically difficult area is taking and succeeding with entrance exams.  Below is a list of the graduate entrance exams and more information about each:

The Internet has made the search for the most appropriate graduate school for you easier than ever.   Below, you will find a list of the top sites that will provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision about graduate programs and the schools where they are housed.



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