Academic Internship Credit Options

Various credit options are available to undergraduate students who seek academic credit for their internship.  Graduate student internship credit options are dependent upon the student's degree program.  Students should speak with their academic advisors or Career Services to determine eligibility prior to starting the application process for an internship. A student's academic advisor is the only individual who can assist students in determining if internship credit is able to count towards elective coursework based on academic program requirements.

Please Note: Internship course registration can only occur after a student has accepted an offer and submitted all required paperwork.  Students should review  the required steps for internship registration to begin the application process and contact Career Services with any questions.


0.5 Credit Course: Undergraduate students may participate in the half-credit option if a credit-bearing internship course towards degree requirements is not desired or possible (i.e elective requirements have already been met). Internship Program eligibility requirements and registration are required for participation.

3 or 6 Credit Course: Credit-bearing internships may apply to one or two electives in the student's curriculum. Undergraduate participation in credit-bearing internships counting towards degree requirements is limited to a maximum of six credits. Graduate student participation in credit-bearing internships counting towards degree requirements is limited to three credits (maximum credits allowed may vary by program).  Program eligibility requirements must be met for participation.

In order for an internship experience to be recorded on a student’s transcript, the student must complete the internship application process to be formally enrolled in the appropriate course, and all course requirements as stated in the applicable course syllabus must be met.


Credit Options

Part-time (employment)

Full-time (employment)

Undergraduate Students

0.5, 3

0.5, 3, 6

Graduate Students



 * for .5 or 3 credit internship, students must complete 144 hours at the internship over the course of the semester (approximately 12 hours per week for 12 weeks).

* for 6 credit internship, students must complete 420 hours at the internship over the course of the semester (approximately 35 hours per week for 12 weeks).


Students at Philadelphia University can also pursue internships for the experience alone, without earning academic credit. Many employers do however require credit enrollment for participation, so students should be aware of individual employer requirements during their internship search.  Career Services makes a strong effort to track all non-credit bearing internships and request students contact the office to share employer and internship details.

All students pursuing or completing internships are encouraged to work with Career Services from the beginning of their internship search, so that internship needs and professional development can be best supported. 


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