Preliminary Requirements

In order for an "internship" or any other type of employment position to be considered eligible for credit through the Internship Program, the following criteria must be met:

• The participating student must meet specific eligibility requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with Career Services or their academic advisor to answer any questions in determining eligibility.  Please note: A student's academic advisor is the only individual who can assist students in determining eligibility for internship credit to count towards elective coursework based on academic program requirements.

• The internship description and responsibilities to be completed must meet specific course requirements (e.g. hours on site, length of employment, etc.) and NACE guidelines, offering career-related experience, supervision by a professional in the field and the opportunity for hands-on responsibility.

NACE Guidelines for Internship Experiences:

To ensure that an experience—whether it is a traditional internship or one conducted remotely or virtually—is educational, and thus eligible to be considered a legitimate internship by the NACE definition, all the following criteria must be met:

  1. The experience must be an extension of the classroom: a learning experience that provides for applying the knowledge gained in the classroom. It must not be simply to advance the operations of the employer or be the work that a regular employee would routinely perform.
  2. The skills or knowledge learned must be transferable to other employment settings.
  3. The experience has a defined beginning and end, and a job description with desired qualifications.
  4. There are clearly defined learning objectives/goals related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework.
  5. There is supervision by a professional with expertise and educational and/or professional background in the field of the experience.
  6. There is routine feedback by the experienced supervisor.
  7. There are resources, equipment, and facilities provided by the host employer that support learning objectives/goals.

If these criteria are followed, it is the opinion of NACE that the experience can be considered a legitimate internship. For further information, view NACE's full position statement on internships.


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