Researching Alumni

  1. Go to PhilaU Connect group, highlight the “More” tab located at the far right across the top and click “Subgroups”
  2. Click into the PhilaU Mentor Connect subgroup then click the “Members” tab
  3. In the “Search Members” box, type in search parameters.  Start with a career path of interest, major name or company name
  4. Review the profiles of people who come up in your search.  Don’t just review the first two or three profiles - you’re hoping to make a match with someone so invest time in reviewing their profiles.  Review the entire profile to try to get a sense of the alum’s professional career, interests, specialties and hints into their personality.
  5. Once you’ve identified someone, highlight the name of the person from the search results list and click on “Send Message” located to the right.  See Reaching Out To a Potential Mentor on PhilaU Connect for guidance on crafting an appropriate email.


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