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Resume Advice:

"I prefer a clean, organized resume.  I prefer the resume to have a specific objective to the position the student is applying for.  I look for education to include School, Type of Degree, Grad date, Major and GPA.  I then prefer to see a listing of previous work experience (beginning with the most recent).  This section is one of the most important to me because I draw alot of questions based on what they have done/are currently doing.  I also like to see the students' involvement in clubs/organizations, leadership roles, volunteering, etc.  We look for well rounded individuals who are able to balance academics along with activities and work.  An easy to read resume not only provides a great first impression, but it also makes the interviewing process easier and more enjoyable for the recruiter." - Apparel Industry

"Any relative work experience is always a plus.  Any summer internship opportunity they can receive will always look good.  And bring examples of that work is a must.  If they do not have any relative experience do not show a lot of little jobs to fill up the resume.  Instead fill it with interests or capabilities that they have will do them better"Design Industry

Interview Advice:

"My advice to any prospective interviewees; Always come prepared: be punctual, be professionally dressed, have an up-to-date resume, do research on the company and the position you are interviewing for (if possible), and always ask questions." - Apparel Industry Recruiter

"The best advice I can give students is to have confidence in their work and their abilities.  That way they will have the energy needed to excite the employer." - Principal Architect


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