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Staffing agencies assist individuals who are seeking part-time, temporary, freelance or full-time employment and can be a sound option to consider as a) a current student looking for work during the academic year or summer, b) a recent graduate who has not yet found a full-time position or c) as an alum, transitioning between full-time experiences. Generally, there are two different kinds of staffing agencies - third party recruiters and temporary agenices, which are defined below:

Third party recruiters: Agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs.

Temporary agencies: Organizations that contract to provide individuals qualified to perform specific tasks or to complete specific projects for a client organzation.  Individuals perform work at the client organization but are employed and paid by the agency.

*definitions taken from NACEweb


To assist you in deciding whether to use a staffing agency in your own job search or career development, several of our employer partners have offered their advice.  Consider reaching out to them if you find that you have additional, specific questions.


How is working with a third-party recruiter different than the traditional job search?


  • - Working with a recruiter or staffing company allows the candidate or job seeker to be exposed to larger or harder to get in corporations or advertising agencies. The staffing companies have a direct relationship with their clients and can act as and advocate when submitting an interested candidate.
  • - Typically recruiters have relationships with the hiring managers for a position. When you submit a resume online to monster or a company website, your resume is being screened by HR and sometimes doesn't get noticed.We can represent you to multiple companies instead of just one, as well as provide general career advice.


What are you specifically looking for in candidates when working to match them with an employer?

  • - These qualifications differ between job titles and clients. But we are always looking for a candidate to represent themselves in a professional manner and be sensitive that the employer is a valued client of the recruiting/staffing agency.
  • - There are three main variables in a hire: 1) culture fit 2) personality/motivate to learn 3) technical skills. If a candidate has a higher GPA or more activities in college their resume will look much better.


Should the students be paying for assistance?


  • - NEVER  - I do not recommend that a candidate pays for any type of job search/fees. Most (all that I know of) recruiters are paid their fees from the client.
  • - Students shouldn't have to pay for assistance at this point. If they reach out to their network, use recruiters and scan the job boards they should have success. Paying for service should be the last option.


Should students continue their own job search while working with you?

  • - YES – we tell them that we act as another resource in their job search – there are no guarantees that we will find them work!
  • - Students should use all sources in finding a new position. Students should work with more than once agency as the market is a bit tight still.


Should they work with multiple agencies?


  • - Yes. Especially as a student – it opens up more doors! Many of the staffing agencies have their core clients and some clients that overlap with other agencies. However, if a candidate works with several staffing agencies – it is so important that they are transparent and honest and open about who and where they have been presented etc…. They will burn a bridge immediately if they think that holding back information will benefit them. For example, if one staffing company presented them to company x, but company x was not interested, then another staffing company calls them also for company x – it is imperative that the candidate explains that they have already been submitted by whatever agency and when. If not, it will only make the 2nd staffing agency and the candidate look like idiots! Believe me, this happens and it is very frustrating. Remember we are here to help!
  • - Each recruiter has different strengths and clients. I encourage students to work with as many resources as will benefit them. However, make sure to keep your recruiters up to date on other opportunities which you are interviewing for.


Information provided by the following agency recruiters:


Karen Carroll

blue plate minds

Paoli, PA 19301


We specialize in providing freelance and fulltime staff for the Marketing and Advertising Industries. That includes pretty much any positions utilized within those industries

If you would like to send your resume and samples (if relevant) please email them to:


Luke Kauffman

Magellan specializes in professional staffing and recruiting services: Contingent, Retained and Project-Based Support and Interim Staff Augmentation. We successfully place Accounting, Finance, HVAC and Renewable Energy and Energy Services professionals into meaningful direct-hire, consulting, contract, and temporary positions.


Meg Metz,Senior Recruiter


(215) 545-1600

Specializing in Interactive Design and Information Technology


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