Working for the Federal Government

The federal government is the largest and most diverse employer in the country, offering jobs in nearly every field imaginable in a variety of locations (not just in Washington, D.C., as you might have thought!). 

In fact, the mid-Atlantic region houses the largest percentage of federal jobs with Philadelphia ranked 3rd as having the largest concentration of federal jobs outside of D.C.  More importantly, however, the federal government is a growing area of the economy, looking to hire 193,000 workers in five critical areas by September of 2009.  

The critical areas in which the government is hiring includes: 

a) security, protection, compliance and enforcement,

b) medical and public health,

c) accounting, budget and business,

d) engineering and the sciences and

e) program management/analysis and administration.


In addition to continuing to hire during the recession, there are several other benefits to working for the federal government.  These benefits include:

Retirees:  More than a half-million federal government employees are projected to retire within the next 5 years.  These retirees who are leaving are going to need replacements! 

Student Loan Repayment:  Some federal agencies may repay up to $10,000 of your student loans per year.

Flexibility:  The federal government offers flexible schedules and generous vacation time and has opportunities throughout the country as well as around the world – there are more than 50,000 federal government employees overseas! 

Training and Professional Development: Some agencies may pick up the tab if you decide to pursue a graduate degree.

Think Long-Term:  The federal government offers competitive health and retirement benefits and has excellent advancement opportunities.


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