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The types of pieces that you include in your portfolio depend on your discipline, the types of organizations you hope to work with and the skill sets that you posses.  For more information regarding your portfolio, take some time to review the generous advice some of our employer partners have offered below.  Also, consider seeking out the advice of a trusted faculty member connected with your industry for their perspectives. 

Before you jump into the content below, consider the following general guidelines: a) arrange the contents of your portfolio in a clean, neat and organized fashion; b) attempt to demonstrate the process(es) involved with your work and c) try to show as many different skills as possible. 


As you will see, each of the resources indicate the industry to which it is most connected.  It is highly encouraged, however, that you consider reviewing ALL of the employers' tips, as the advice they offer may prove useful to you as someone hoping to enter the design industry.



  • Fashion oriented portfolio tips page 1page 2 | provided by Gretchen Seel, Technical Designer at QVC
  • Fashion/Textile oriented portfolio from our friends at Lilly Pulitzer



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