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Organizing Your Job or Internship Search (tutorial) | 

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Useful Links |  Useful Links features

Job Start 101: A free online course meant to teach college students the skills they need, through 6 modules, to thrive in their future careers

CareerLink |  CareerLink FAQ

Working for the Federal Government | Article: Land a Federal Job

Using Temp Agencies or Third Party Recruiters

ARTICLE: Five Insider Tips for Job-Seeking College Grads

Summer Housing in New York

ARTICLE: Strong vs. Weak Job Search Techniques

Salary Tutorial Quiz - salary negotiation tactics

CareerLink & On-Campus Interviewing

CareerLink |  CareerLink FAQ

On-Campus Interviewing

How to Prepare for a Career Fair

How to Research a Company


LinkedIn |  New LinkedIn Students Job Portal 

PhilaU Mentor Connect: Mentee Guidelines

Video: How to Master Online Job Networking

Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviewing Podcasts 


Interviewing | Common Interview Questions (PDF file)

Behavioral Based Interviews | Article: Behavioral-Based Interviewing... Interviewing Podcasts 

Dressing for an Interview

Video:  How to Handle a Job Interview on Skype

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