Writing Seminar Student Instructions

he Career Services Center will be visiting class this semester to instruct you on writing a professional resume. In order to complete the assignment, will need to upload your resume to CareerLink, the online job posting and career development system used by Career Services. 

Step-by-step instructions for many of the features of CareerLink, including how to upload your resume

Want your resume approved the first time around? 


Instructions for the Writing Seminar Resume assignment are as follows:

  1. Before the in-class presentation, prepare the following and bring to class:  

    A) Critique the "Bad Resume," given to you by your course instructor,

    B) Read the Resume Writing content on the Career Services webpage and

    C) Prepare a draft of your resume using the "Bullet-Point worksheet" given to you by your instructor and the provided Templates 

  2. Attend the in-class presentation, using your rough draft resume as a basis of discussion and questions.

  3. After the presentation, attempt to incorporate any changes to your resume and upload it to CareerLink within two weeks of the presentation (or the deadline established by your professor).

  4. When your resume has been reviewed, you will receive the following email with the subject, “CareerLink Document Review”


The document you recently uploaded to CareerLink[DOCUMENT TYPE],  [DOCUMENT LABEL] has been reviewed by our staff and is [REVIEW STATUS] .

IF YOUR RESUME HAS BEEN APPROVED:  You are now able to apply for positions using this document.


If there are no comments listed in the "Comments" section below, substantive changes are needed:  please contact the Career Services Center at 215.951.2930 to make an appointment with a counselor.

If only minor changes are needed, they will be listed below in the "Comments" section.  After making these changes, re-upload your document for approval.


In other words, if your resume has been APPROVED, feel free to use it when applying for positions on the system.

If your resume has NOT been APPROVED, there are two options

  1. You will either have comments in the body of the email explaining the changes that need to be made in order to receive an approval message, OR

  2. You will not have any comments and it will be necessary to meet with a counselor either during walk-in hours or by scheduling an appointment.


To complete the assignment, print the approval email message and submit it to your professor.  


For online resume resources as well as instructions, go to:



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