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Undergraduate Admissions

Classification: Day Division or School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Students are classified as either day division or adult learners (School of Continuing and Professional Studies) for academic advisement and administrative purposes, regardless of timing and delivery methods of the classes.

For information on graduate degree programs, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions 215.951.2943
gradadm@PhilaU.edu, www.PhilaU.edu/graduate

Day Division Programs

Day division students contact Office of Admissions 215.951.2800 or 1.800.951.7287, admissions@PhilaU.edu

Students who apply to the University should be seeking a sound and challenging collegiate education, and should have demonstrated an ability to be successful in such a program by secondary school or prior college/university performance and preparation. Each student is reviewed individually and evaluated on the basis of educational background, including course preparation and grades earned.

The admissions process includes Early Action (deadline November 1) and Regular Decision (deadline March 1). Students must file a completed application accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee of $40 and the appropriate academic credentials mentioned below. All applicants must complete the requirements for a high school diploma or submit the results of the GED.

Applications received after the regular decision deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

To be considered for admission, freshman applicants must submit official academic credentials with 15 units of secondary school credit and must have taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). Required academic or college preparatory courses are four units of English, three units of Mathematics (including Algebra II and Geometry), three units of History and/or Social Science, two units of Laboratory Science, and three units of elective courses. Freshman applicants must also submit an essay and one recommendation letter. Freshman applicants applying to Architecture or Design programs may submit a portfolio to support their application. The portfolio submission is completely optional.

Home-schooled and prospective students who have been away from high school for several years are also encouraged to apply for admission. Interested applicants should contact the Office of Admissions to discuss application requirements.

Students wishing to transfer must submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended as well as an essay and one recommendation letter. If a student has earned less than 30 college credits, an official secondary school record and SAT I or ACT scores are also required. Transfer students applying to the Bachelor or Architecture or the Fashion Design program must submit a portfolio for consideration.  For information regarding transfer student application deadlines, please contact the Office of Admissions.


Adult learners contact the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at 215-951-2900 or SCPS@PhilaU.edu.

Prospective students for the programs delivered through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies should contact 215-951-2900 or SCPS@PhilaU.edu for program information and application.  The Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program and the Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy Program are designed to accommodate adults who manage professional and personal obligations while studying for their degrees.

Adults who want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree completely online should contact Jefferson Online at 855-865-5565.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies student body is comprised of adults who are seeking a degree in an accelerated format.  Individuals are returning to higher education to earn degrees, learn new concepts and skills, complete refresher work in a particular field, or prepare for a new career.

Prospective students should refer to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies section of this catalog.


Jefferson welcomes applications from transfer students for enrollment in day or evening programs.

Transfer students (with the exception of students enrolling in the combined B.S./M.S. Occupational Therapy program*) may be awarded transfer credits applicable to degree requirements provided a “C” or better is earned in the course from an institution with accreditation recognized by Jefferson. 

Transfer students in the day division are expected to complete a minimum of 60 credits at the University with at least 12 credits in upper-division work in their major field and nine credits in the Hallmarks Program. Requirements are different for transfer students in the evening division. Contact the School of Continuing and Professional Studies to learn more.

*Combined B.S./M.S. Occupational Therapy program: This option is designed for students who have no or few college credits (less than 16 credit hours). Students will be awarded transfer credit for no more than half of the non-science graduate prerequisite courses provided a “B-” or better is earned in each course from an institution with accreditation recognized by  Jefferson. Prerequisite courses include Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Lifespan Human Development, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics, one Sociology / Anthropology / Cultural Studies course and Physics (non-calculus based). All three science prerequisite courses must be completed at Jefferson. Transfer credit may be awarded for all other applicable degree requirements provided a  “C” or better is earned in the course from an institution with accreditation recognized by  Jefferson.


The University welcomes applications for admission from qualified international students. 

Academic credentials must include all studies completed to date, marks or examination results, degrees, diplomas and certificates earned. International applicants who have completed their studies outside the United States may be asked to submit a course-by-course evaluation of their academic credentials from an evaluation service accredited through the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). For a full listing of accredited evaluation services, visit www.NACES.org. Documents must be authenticated or certified, and those not written in English must be accompanied by notarized English translations.

All international students are required to provide documentation of proficiency in English at the time an application for full admission eligibility is considered. For more information about English proficiency requirements, visit www.philau.edu/international/undergraduate/apply (for undergraduate students) or www.philau.edu/international/graduate/requirements (for graduate students).

Applicants who meet all admissions requirements but lack the required level of English language proficiency may be granted conditional admission. Conditionally admitted students begin their studies in the Bridge Pathways Intensive English Language Program on the  Jefferson East Falls campus. These students must complete a minimum of Level 5 in order to begin their undergraduate or graduate degree program.

After acceptance is granted and we receive all required documents, students who have been fully admitted to Jefferson are eligible to receive a SEVIS I-20 for application for an F-1 student visa. A list of the required documents is available at

For more information on applying for the F-1 Student visa, please visit: www.fmjfee.com. In order to maintain their F-1 status, students must be enrolled full-time at Jefferson.

International students are not eligible for most forms of financial aid and are expected to have a sponsor able to pay tuition and living expenses while the student is enrolled. However, a limited number of International Student Merit Scholarships are awarded to eligible undergraduate students. International Student Merit Scholarships cover only a small part of a student’s tuition and fees. A limited number of graduate assistantship can be awarded to eligible graduate students through a competitive application process. For more information, visit philau.edu/financialaid/Graduate/Assistantships.

Undergraduate Financial Information

Billing questions? Contact Student Accounts Office 215.951.5988, studentaccounts@PhilaU.edu.
For more information, go to


(12 to 18.5 credits per semester) 


Undergraduate Day

Tuition (annual rate)*
(includes Physician Assistant pre-professional phase)
Students registering for an overload
(Credits over 18.5 per semester)   
$1,320 /per credit
Physician Assistant Program**
(professional phase)     


Residence Halls  $6,295
Townhouses $8,840
Independence Plaza Apartments  $9,285


19-Meal Standard Plan $6,430
19-Meal Premium Plan  $7,170
14-Meal Standard Plan
(upperclassmen only)  
14-Meal Premium Plan
(upperclassmen only)  
10-Meal Standard Plan
(non-residence halls) 
10-Meal Premium Plan
(non-residence halls)
5-Meal Standard Plan
(non-residence halls) 
5-Meal Premium Plan
(non-residence halls)

* Cost per semester is 1/2 the annual rate
** Cost per trimester is 1/3 the annual rate 

Other Fees:

Full-Time Undergraduate Day

1.   Application Fee    $40/student
2.   Credit by Examination $1,280/course
3.   Dorm Security Deposit $250/resident student
4.   NSO Program Fee $150/new student
5.   Graduation Application Fee $100/student (graduates only)
6.   International Student Fee $110/semester
7.   General Fee $503/semester
8.    Late Fee $25/semester
9.   Parking Decal   TBD
10. Lost Campus Card Replacement     $25/card
11. Tuition Insurance – on campus   $118/semester
12. Tuition Insurance – off campus  $90/semester
13. Health Insurance: Undergraduate      $2,549 annual
14. Health Insurance: Graduate $4,830 annual



(per credit hour unless otherwise indicated) 

Undergraduate Day Programs

Tuition    $1,280/credit

Credit by Examination


Tuition Insurance


Application Fee 


Graduation Application Fee $100/student

Undergraduate Evening Programs

Tuition $630/course
Credit by Examination $630/course
Tuition Insurance $3/credit
Application Fee $40/student
Graduation Application Fee $100/student

Undergraduate Online Programs

Tuition        $605/credit
Credit by Examination $605/course
Tuition Insurance TBD
Application Fee $40/student
Graduation Application Fee $100/student


An applicant to the day division should send the director of Admissions a tuition deposit of $300 after receiving a letter of acceptance. This deposit includes an orientation fee of $200. The remaining $100 will be credited to the student’s account on the first tuition billing as matriculation fee.

All resident students are required to maintain a $250 room security deposit on account. A deposit to a student’s Campus Card may be made for the purchase of books and supplies at the University Bookstore, as well as for use at the vending machines, photocopiers and any dining service location. A deposit of $400 to $500 per semester is suggested. Once deposited, funds cannot be withdrawn from the Campus Card. Unused funds are credited to the student’s account at the end of the academic year.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

An individual's registration as a Jefferson (East Falls Campus) student constitutes his or her agreement to make timely payment of all amounts due. Jefferson (East Falls Campus) uses electronic means (email and the Internet) as a primary method of communication and providing billing, payment and enrollment services. Signatures or acknowledgments provided by the student electronically to Jefferson via Jefferson systems and/or @students.PhilaU.edu, @mail.Philau.edu or @PhilaU.edu email is valid and legally binding. Additionally, by accepting Jefferson's offer of admission and enrolling in classes, each student accepts responsibility for paying all debts to the University, including tuition and fees, for which s/he is liable. Details of the University’s billing policies are outlined in www.eastfalls.jefferson.edu/studentaccounts/billing.


Students are invoiced in July and December for the next semester’s charges and electronic statements may be accessed via WebAdvisor using the QuikPAY link. In QuikPAY, students may add an Authorized Payer who will also be notified when a new statement is available. The University does not mail billing statements.  All tuition and related fees for Fall is due July 31 and Spring is due on December 17. Graduate tuition and  all other terms are due the first day of term. A late fee of $25 per month will be charged on all past due Student Account balances greater than 30 days past due, with the first fee charged 30 days after the first day of term.

Only accepted and completed financial aid awards, including Jefferson Scholarships, Federal PELL Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), Federal Perkins Loans, PHEAA Grants, Direct Plus Loans and/or Direct Stafford Loans are included on the student’s invoice. Late applications for financial aid, unless approved prior to the billing due date, are not credited to the student’s account or accepted as payment. Any balance due, resulting from unapproved financial aid, must be paid by the billing due date. Any subsequent financial aid approval resulting in a credit balance will be refunded to the student after drop/add period.

Checks should be made payable to Thomas Jefferson University, P.O. Box 95000-4210, Philadelphia, PA 19195-0001, with the student’s identification number clearly indicated on the face of the check. If the University receives a total of three non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks, all future payments must be made by cash, certified check or money order. Students may also use WebAdvisor to pay their account balances online by accessing the QuikPAY link. Electronic checks and credit card payments are accepted. There is no fee to pay by electronic check. Credit card/Debit card payments will be assessed a 2.75% service fee. The University accepts American Express, Discover and MasterCard for tuition payment.

Jefferson (East Falls campus) offers a monthly payment plan through tuition management services (TMS). Enrollment forms are mailed to the student’s billing address. For more information or to enroll, contact TMS directly at 888.356.0350 or go online at www.philau.afford.com. For further questions and information, contact the University’s Student Accounts Office by email at studentaccounts@philau.edu or by phone at 215.951.5988.


A student who wants to initiate leave of absence or withdrawal must complete either the Withdrawal form or the Leave of Absence form. These forms are available from the Registrar’s Office or online at www.eastfalls.jefferson.edu/Registrar/forms. A student is considered in attendance until one of these forms is completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office and the student has been withdrawn from all of his/her classes. Students cannot drop all of their classes on WebAdvisor. Students should contact the Registrar’s Office to confirm all courses have been withdrawn and that their Withdrawal/Leave of Absence has been processed. Students are responsible for all charges until the date that the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence is process in the Registrar’s Office. Students are encouraged to follow up with the Student Accounts and Financial Aid offices to discuss the financial implications.

Tuition charges for students who withdraw from the University will be refunded on the following basis:

Undergraduate Day and Online Courses:

  • Before classes start: 100%
  • First week of class:  80%
  • Second week of class:  60%
  • Third week of class: 40%
  • Beginning of fourth week of class: 0%

Undergraduate Evening Courses:

  • Prior to the first class meeting: 100%
  • Prior to second class meeting: 80%
  • Prior to third class meeting: 60%
  • Prior to fourth class meeting: 40%
  • After fourth class meeting: 0%

Online classes follow the undergraduate day refund policy regardless of login status. Summer classes follow the evening refund policy. The University uses federal regulations to determine the refund of federal financial aid funds to the federal government. A copy of this federal refund calculation is available on the Financial Aid webpage or at the University’s Financial Aid Office.

Any student who withdraws or changes room and board status after the semester begins is obligated for a full semester’s room charge. Changes to the board plan may be made during the first two weeks of the semester with no penalty. After that time, students will be billed in full for the board plan.

The effective date for calculating refunds will be the effective date indicated on the Notification of Student Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form. Failure to complete this withdrawal form results in an unofficial withdrawal. Refunds, transcripts and recommendations will be withheld by the University until this official form is received. It is also the student’s responsibility to drop his/her classes through WebAdvisor when s/he completes this form.

Students dismissed from the University or from the residence halls will receive the following refunds:

Tuition based on the tuition refund policy above; Students are obligated for the full semester’s room and board charges.

Insurance claims for medical withdrawals will be processed through the Dewar’s tuition insurance policy. Claim forms are available in the Student Accounts office. If the student waived this coverage, no refund is available for a medical withdrawal.


Students who are absent from the University due to illness or injury, or any other reason, and who retain their place in class, are subject to full tuition, room and board charges during their absence.


Transcripts are not furnished to any student whose account is not paid in full. Transcripts may only be obtained through the Registrar’s Office. Transcripts must be paid for at the time they are requested in order to be processed.

  • Transcript Fee: $12/copy
  • Overnight Transcript Fee: $37/copy
  • International Overnight Transcript Fee: $52/copy


A one-time, nonrefundable application fee of $40 must accompany the application for admission. This fee covers the cost of processing the prospective student’s application and is not credited to the student’s bill.

A $503 per semester general fee is charged to all full-time undergraduate students. A $30 per credit general fee is charged to part-time undergraduate students. A $10 per credit educational services fee is charged to evening undergraduates and students taking summer courses. The general fee and educational services fee are used for the maintenance and enhancement of student services. Services include, but are not limited to, transportation services, student activities and services, recreational and intramural sports, technology support, health center services, fitness center access and services, and residence hall laundry services.

A $100 graduation application fee is charged to all students who submit an application to graduate. This is intended to help offset the cost of processing the application.

The annual parking fee is charged to all eligible full-time and part-time day division students. The fee is to be determined and will be available on Safety and Security site:  eastfalls.jefferson.edu/security/Parking/index.html

A $25 returned check fee is charged for any check that is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF).

The following fees will be deducted from the $250 room deposit of any resident student who cancels his/her contract by the date indicated below:

Returning Students

  • Prior to May 1, $100 of the room deposit is forfeited.
  • After May 1, the entire room deposit is forfeited.

New Students

  • Prior to May 1, the entire room deposit will be returned.
  • After May 1, the entire room deposit is forfeited.

Campus Card

The University offers a Campus Card which allows students to buy meals, make photocopies, purchase supplies and books at the University Bookstore, and use the campus-wide vending machines and dining facilities. It also serves as a University photo I.D., library card and campus activity card. Depositing funds on the Campus Card can be done in person at the cashier window in Student Accounts, by mail, by calling the Student Accounts Office with accepted credit card information, or online at eastfalls.jefferson.edu/studentaccounts/campusCard. When making a payment, a student must indicate the amount of the Campus Card payment along with his/her account number. A minimum of $20 can be placed on the Campus Card and will be available in the account the next business day after receipt. A credit card deposit is available immediately. Any account balance remaining at the end of the academic year will be credited to the student’s account and refunded. A $25 charge is assessed for lost Campus Cards.

Check Cashing

Any student with a valid Campus Card may cash personal checks up to $100 per day at the Student Accounts Office cashier’s window during posted hours.

A $25 returned check fee will be charged to students who cash checks that are later returned to the University for non-sufficient funds. If a third check is returned, check-cashing privileges are revoked.

Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate students are required to have health insurance coverage through their family policy, an individual policy, or through the University-sponsored health and accident plan. Full-time undergraduate students are billed automatically for the coverage and may waive the University-sponsored health and accident plan by completing the online waiver that documents private insurance coverage by accessing the “Health Insurance Waiver” link via WebAdvisor under the Billing Information section. The waiver must be completed by September 21 for the fall semester. New students in the spring semester must complete the waiver by February 8. All international students are required to present proof of health insurance at the beginning of each semester. Students must complete the online waiver and provide proof of coverage prior to the waiver deadline. This includes students whose bills are paid by a third-party sponsor. After the waiver deadline there will be no exceptions or appeals of health insurance charges. Providing insurance information to Athletics or the Student Health Center is NOT sufficient for waiver purposes.

For more information about University requirements and the University-sponsored health insurance plan, visit eastfalls.jefferson.edu/studentaccounts/healthInsurance.

Tuition Insurance

Jefferson (East Falls campus) has contracted with A.W.G. Dewar to provide students with tuition insurance. Full-time day students are billed a flat rate per semester for the plan, which insures each student’s comprehensive tuition and fee charges (and housing and meal plan for on-campus students). Part-time students are billed for tuition insurance on a per-credit basis, and the coverage insures the student’s tuition charges only. A tuition insurance claim may be filed in the event that a student must withdraw from the University due to a serious illness or accident after the published tuition refund deadlines. Claim forms for the tuition insurance are available in the Student Accounts Office.

This coverage will be billed automatically each semester, including the summer terms. Students may opt to waive this coverage via WebAdvisor. The waiver is good for the academic year and will need to be renewed annually. Waivers for the 2018-2019 academic year, including the 2018 summer semesters, may be completed after April 15. Students who waived for the 2017-2018 academic year will need to complete the waiver again after April 15 to waive for the 2018-2019 academic year. Students who opt to waive the tuition insurance coverage will be responsible for billed expenses if they require a medical withdrawal after the published tuition refund dates.

The annual tuition insurance waiver must be completed by September 21 for the fall semester. Students beginning their studies in the spring semester must complete the waiver by February 8.