Business (B.S.)


Program Director: P. Russel

Program Description

Today’s top companies seek graduates who possess in-depth knowledge of their fields as well as the versatility to work at the intersection of traditional disciplines. School of Business Administration students are actively immersed in real-world challenges from day one, collaborating with team members from across disciplines and engaging with an array of industry partners. That’s what makes PhilaU the model for profession education, and that’s how our program provides students an exceptional advantage over other candidates in a rapidly changing job market.
Whether you’re a student who wants a more traditional business program, or you’re looking to customize a curriculum to meet your unique goals, PhilaU lets you choose the path that’s right for you and your career. All B.S. Business students start by taking our business core courses. Students then select three out of 15 possible specializations, either all from the same disciplinary area, or by selecting specializations across disciplinary areas to create their own unique curricular focus. A full list of specializations can be found below. Please see the Business Tracks and Specializations page for more details.


Specialization Name Required Courses

Designated Electives

(0, 1, or 2 as needed to make up the 9 credit specialization)

Advertising and Promotion MKTG-310; MKTG-305 COMM-307; MKTG-207 Marketing
Consumer Insights MKTG-207; MKTG-391; MKTG-412 None Marketing
Digital Media Marketing MKTG-315; MKTG-408 COMM-204; MKTG-207; MKTG-310; MKTG-305 Marketing
Sustainability in Organizations SUST-202; SUST-402; SUST-421 None Management
Managing People and Teams MGMT—310; MGMT-320; MGMT-412 None Management
Entrepreneurship MGMT-111; MGMT-411 MGMT-310; MGMT-320; MKTG-207; MKTG-302; MKTG-310; MKTG-305; ECON-3XX Management
Finance Core FINC-303; FINC-318; FINC-322 None Finance
Portfolio Management and Financial Planning FINC-411; FINC-321; FINC-4XX None Finance
CFA Preparation ACCT-203; ACCT-204 iMBA-776;  iMBA-777; ECON-3XX Finance
Financial Accounting and Reporting ACCT-203; ACCT-204; ACCT-303 None Accounting
Tax, Auditing and Managerial Accounting ACCT-309;  ACCT-316; ACCT-409 None Accounting
Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting ACCT-412; ACCT-4XX TAX-660; TAX-662; TAX-795; ECON-3XX;  INTRN-493 Accounting
Global Culture and Communication GDIV or GCI (6 cr.)*, ECON-401 None International Business
Global Business Studies MKTG-324; MGMT-307; FINC-318 None International Business
Applied Economics ECON-3XX ECON-401; SUST-202; FINC-322 Economics

 *beyond Hallmark requirements

Custom Specialization for Transfer Students (must include 9 credit hours of course work)

A custom specialization is a thematic grouping of three business or related courses; these courses need not exist within the University. Custom specialization must be declared at the time of transfer student’s admission or at the time of a degree change in order to ensure the harvesting of relevant courses. The custom specialization must be approved by SBA program director or associate dean. The custom specialization option is available exclusively to transfer students.