Textile Engineering (M.S.)

Program Director: Brian George, Ph.D.


This program is intended to develop the graduate student’s knowledge in the advanced fields of textile science and engineering. Students with undergraduate education in the fields of textile engineering, textile chemistry and textile sciences, and those with undergraduate experience in engineering or materials technology are welcome to pursue this program. The wide range of textile engineering courses will prepare the student to make significant contributions in either advanced textile manufacturing technology or textiles material science. The carefully integrated educational offerings at the University enable the student to be exposed to a wide range of professional education possibilities. A capstone experience is provided during the final semester.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the M.S. in Textile Engineering will: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge & proficiency in technical aspects of textile engineering.
  • Analyze and criticize established textile theories and synthesize new theories.
  • Understand and evaluate engineering theory.
  • Apply their acquired skills toward the development of a unique research project.
  • Demonstrate a competent knowledge and proficiency in the field of textile engineering.
  • Perform written and oral technical communications at a competent level.

Foundation Courses

The foundation courses will be determined at the time of admission by the program director.

COURSES: 27 Credits

Students choose nine courses from the selection below after consultation with their graduate advisor.

TXE-601 Fiber and Yarn Studies
TXE-613 Characterization of Fibrous Materials
TXE-621 Mechanics of Materials
TXE-622 Mechanics of Textiles
TXE-624 Advanced Textile Composites
TXE-625 Biomaterials Technology
TXE-713 Coloration and Finishing Studies
TXE-721 Analytical Methods
TXE-751 Advanced Woven Structures
TXE-752 Advanced Knitted Structures
TXE-753 Advanced Nonwoven Structures
TXE-754 Industrial and Specialty Fabrics
TXE-755 Advanced Yarn Studies 
TXE-759 Product Evaluation
TXE-762 Textile and Apparel Operations Management
TXE-783 Advanced Chemistry of Fibrous Materials
TXE-790 Quality Management
TXE-791 Internship
TXE-797 Selected Topics
TXE-798 Independent Study

Thesis: 9 Credits

TXE-941 Research Thesis