Biology (B.S.)



The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Biology is to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and analytical and technical skills to prepare them for graduate study and/or for careers in the biological sciences.

Program Learning Outcomes

 Graduates of the Biology program will:

  • Exhibit the ability to convey biological information through effective written expression and oral communication.
  • Be proficient at accession and critical review of biological literature.
  •  Write laboratory reports in an acceptable format based on the outcomes of lab exercises.
  •  Demonstrate ability to execute laboratory skills including analytical technology.
  •  Interpret graphical, tabular and other methods of presenting data. 
  • Analyze and comprehend methods of experimentation.
  • Apply information from biology core courses to prepare for advanced studies.
  • Gain exposure to the biological sciences as a profession.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Biology at Philadelphia University affords students opportunities to pursue careers or graduate and professional study in disciplines as diverse as biotechnology, genetic counseling, pharmaceuticals, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, cancer research and secondary education. An investigative approach in field and laboratory courses promotes development of technical competence as well as conceptual understanding. Many students hone their analytical skills through research with faculty on campus or at other institutions through internships and may present their work at professional society meetings or publish in scientific journals. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the student group “Science in Action,” which sponsors academic, recreational and community service activities and a year-end student poster presentation.