List of Undergraduate Degree, Concentration and Minor Programs

Program Bachelor Associate Concentration Certificate Minor
Accounting A Con M
Animation B.S.
Architectural History/Theory M
Architecture B.Arch
Architectural Studies B.S.
Behavioral and Health Services B.S.
Biochemistry B.S.
Biodiversity M
Biology B.S.
Biopsychology B.S.
Business B.S.
Business Administration A M
Buying and Merchandising Con
Chemistry B.S.
Construction Management B.S. M
Design Technology Con
Engineering B.S.E.
Environmental Science Con
Environmental Sustainability B.S. M
Fashion Apparel Production Con
Fashion Design B.S.
Fashion Entrepreneurship Con
Fashion Materials Insight Con
Fashion Merchandising and Management B.S.
Fashion Product Management Con
Fashion Retail Experience Con
Fashion Technology Con
Finance Con M
Foundation Design M
Genetics M
Global Brand Management Con
Graphic Design Communication B.S. M
Health Sciences B.S.
Health Sciences/Occupational Therapy B.S./M.S.
Health and Human Services A
Health Services Management B.S.
Health Services Management: Business B.S.
Health Services Management: Psychology B.S.
Historical Preservation Con M
Human Resource Management B.S. M
Industrial Design B.S.
Information Systems M
Information Technology B.S.
Interactive Design and Media B.S.
Integrated Fashion Communication Con
Interior Design B.S.
International Business Con M
Landscape Architecture B.L.A. M
Landscape Design M
Landscape Planning M
Law and Society B.S. M
Law Enforcement Leadership B.S.
Leadership in Emergency Services B.S.
Leadership in Homeland Security B.S.
Management Con M
Marketing Con M
Mechanical Engineering B.S.E.
Multimedia and Visualization M
Occupational Therapy Assistant A
Organizational Leadership B.S.
Photography Con
Photography and New Media M
Physician Assistant Studies B.S./M.S.
Pre-M.B.A. B.S. M
Pre-Medical Studies B.S.
Professional Communication B.S. M
Psychology B.S. M
Psychology/Occupational Therapy B.S./M.S.
Public Health M
Social Sciences M
Textile Design B.S.
Textile Materials Technology B.S. M