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Alphabetical List of Philadelphia University Undergraduate Degrees, Concentrations, Certificates, Minors, 4 + 1 Degrees* and Combined Degrees**

Program Bachelor Associate Concentration Specialization Certificate Minor
Accounting B.S A M
Animation and Digital Media B.S. M
Architectural History/Theory M
Architecture B.Arch
Architectural Design Technology Con
Architectural Studies B.S.
Behavioral and Health Services B.S.
Biochemistry B.S.
Biodiversity M
Biology B.S.
Biopsychology B.S.
Business B.S. M
Business Administration A M
Buying and Merchandising S
Business Management B.S.
Chemistry B.S.
Childhood Trauma Studies Cer (united way only) M
Communication B.S. M
Construction Management B.S. M
Design Technology S
Engineering B.S.E.
Entrepreneurship M
Environmental Science Con
Environmental Sustainability B.S. M
Fashion Design B.S.
Fashion Industry Management M
Fashion Merchandising and Management B.S.
Finance B.S. M
Foundation Design M
Genetics M
Global Brand Strategy S
Graphic Design Communication B.S. M
Health Sciences B.S.
Health Sciences/ Athletic Training** B.S./M.S.
Health Sciences/ Community Trauma Counseling** B.S./M.S.
Health Sciences/Occupational Therapy** B.S./M.S.
Health and Human Services A
Health and Human Services - Radiologic Technology A
Health Services Management B.S.
Health Services Management: Business B.S.
Health Services Management: Psychology B.S.
Historic Preservation Con M
Human Resource Management B.S. M
Industrial Design B.S.
Information Systems M
Information Technology B.S.
Interactive Design and Development B.S.
Interior Design B.S.
Interior Design and Sustainable Design* B.S/M.S.
International Business S M
Landscape Architecture BLA M
Landscape Architecture/GeoDesign* BLA/M.S.
Landscape Design M
Landscape Planning M
Law and Society B.S. M
Law Enforcement Leadership B.S.
Leadership in Emergency Services B.S.
Leadership in Homeland Security B.S.
Management B.S. M
Marketing B.S. M
Mechanical Engineering B.S.E.
Multimedia and Visualization M
Occupational Therapy Assistant A
Organizational Leadership B.S.
Photography M
Physician Assistant Studies** B.S./M.S.
Pre-Medical Studies B.S.
Pre-Occupational Therapy Con M
Professional Communication and Emerging Media B.S.
Psychology B.S. M
Psychology/Occupational Therapy** B.S./M.S.
Psychology/ Community Trauma Counseling** B.S./M.S.
Public Health M
Social Sciences M
Textile Design B.S.
Textile Materials Technology B.S. M
Value Chain and Innovation S
Visual Studies M
Web Design and Development M

* 4+1 programs 

** Combined-degree programs