Health and Human Services - Radiologic Technology (A.S.)


Restricted Enrollment

This 63 credit program builds on transferable credits earned through successful completion of specified Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology coursework.

Block Transfer Segment 1 Radiologic Technology Technician Program 5 Credits
Block Transfer Segment 2 Radiologic Technology Technician Program 20 Credits
Block Transfer Segment 3 Radiologic Technology Technician Program 17 Credits

Core and Major Concentration Coursework                  21 credits

WRTG-105 Writing About Workplace Culture 3
PLA-100 Scientific Reasoning 3
MATH-215 College Algebra 3
HIST-114ACC America in Focus: Themes in U.S. History 3
PSYCH-101ACC Introduction to psychology 3
HUMN-301 Art in Context 3
IT-201 Learning with Technology 3