College Studies: General Education Core

All Philadelphia University graduates begin their careers with a distinct advantage: their College Studies education. As a professionally-oriented university, we are not satisfied with just training our graduates for entry-level positions in their career fields--we offer a “liberal-professional” education that provides each of them with the intellectual skills and global vision necessary to become leaders in their professions.

Academically rigorous and diverse, this unique general education core curriculum is sequenced throughout a student’s university career.  We have designed the College Studies program to be coherent and progressive, because we recognize that the education of our students is not well-served by a random selection of distribution requirements in the liberal arts and sciences.

The College Studies Program is structured to build skills and knowledge progressively as students advance through it.  This step-by-step approach allows students to master foundational skills in writing, research, and critical thinking before progressing to more advanced work in these areas. The geographical perspective of the program also expands in a thoughtful way, beginning with courses that examine the history and culture of the United States, then proceeding with the study of specific world regions, international issues, and foreign languages, and finishing with a senior capstone course, Contemporary Perspectives, which focuses on current global trends.

The winner of a series of national grants, College Studies is a program in which the entire University can take pride.

Student learning outcomes for the College Studies curriculum:

Modes of Knowledge
Students will understand the methodologies and concepts central to the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences to enrich their understanding and aesthetic appreciation of the world. 

Interdisciplinary and Integrative Learning

Students will connect learning across disciplines and between liberal education and professional studies as a means of making effective contributions to their professions and their communities.

Cultural Awareness
Students will develop the cross-cultural understanding and communication skills necessary to live and work in a multi-cultural society and in an interconnected world. 

American Society
Students will understand the cultural, political and economic development of the United States, and the challenges of citizenship in a diverse, pluralist society and in the global community.

Global Societies
Students will understand the significance of globalization and the contributions of world cultures to an increasingly culturally and ecologically interdependent world.

Research and Communication Skills
Students will develop effective critical thinking, written and other forms of communication, quantitative, research, and information literacy skills.

Ethical and Moral Perspectives
Students will learn to engage in ethical and moral reasoning in their personal and professional lives.

Responsible and Life-Long Learning
Students will become successful collaborative, reflective, intentional and life-long learners.

The College Studies Curriculum
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Junior Seminars
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Contemporary Perspectives
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