C-Cash FAQ

C-Cash is an incentive program the Office of Commuter Services utilizes to promote connection and involvement for first year commuters.  The Commuter Leaders use a point system to reward first year commuters for being active within the PhilaU Community.

How does one earn C-Cash?

Generally, first year commuters can get C-Cash for good grades, being involved, and attending campus programs (CLs will select programs prior to the beginning of the semester).  At the end of each semester, first year commuters can use their C-Cash to bid on prizes in the amazing C-Cash Auction.

You said “cash.”  Does one get cash?  Fake cash? 

Nothing is actually distributed to first year commuters.  The Commuter Leaders keep track of C-Cash points on a spreadsheet in the Office of Commuter Services.

How do first year commuters receive points?

Before the beginning of the semester, the Commuter Leaders will determine what programs qualify for C-Cash points (an OCS representative will have to be present at the activity).  It is up to first year commuters to “check-in” with the CL at the event.  CLs will then input the correct amount of points per commuter in the C-Cash spreadsheet.

First year commuters can stop by OCS when a CL has office hours (hours are posted online/e-mailed) with their grades.

Commuter Leaders will verify active membership with club presidents.

CLs may establish other random ways for first year commuters to earn C-Cash.

What prizes have students won?

Past large prizes include: GPS, portable TV, Phillies Tickets, parking passes, $100 Visa/Amex Giftcard, and $50+ in various gift cards.  We also offer smaller prizes for students who have not acquired a lot of C-Cash such as: SEPTA tokens, Bath & Body Works packages, movie tickets, PhilaU gear, various gift cards, and more!

Who determines how much C-Cash one gets?

The Commuter Services staff created a “C-Cash Reward System” that illustrates how C-Cash is distributed:

  • Attending Association of Commuting Students (ACS) Meetings: 100
    Good Grades:
    • As: 100
    • Bs: 50
  • ACS/Commuter Services Programs: 200
  • Participating in Campus Traditions*: TBD
  • Campus Involvement*: 75
  • First Year Experience Events*: 150
  • Learning & Advising Visits: 50 
  • Dropping by Commuter Services:  35
  • Responding to Commuter Leader e-mails: 20

             * To be verified by Commuter Leaders

What is the C-Cash Auction?
C-Cash Auctions are held at the end of each semester.  It is an opportunity for first year commuters to receive prizes in return for their C-Cash.


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