City Ordinance for Commuter Students

The City of Philadelphia requires all college/university students who do not live on campus, but do live in the Fourth Council District (in a residence other than with their family) while attending school to supply the college or university with his or her local address and applicable vehicle registration information. The Fourth Council District includes the neighborhoods of East Falls, Roxborough, Manayunk, West Allegheny, West Philadelphia (north of Market Street), Overbrook Farms and Wynnefield, and is also known as the Educational Housing District.

Below is a map of the Fourth Council District:

4th District 



If you do not know where your address falls on this map, you may search for your district location here.  Under "Service Areas" please select "Council Districts 2000." Then enter your address.

In order to comply with the law, the University must maintain a record of all student local addresses and vehicle information. If you have not already registered your vehicle or local address, please complete this registration process online ( This is required by law. 

You can access the Bill, No. 020482 at