Construction Management

Construction Management Course Description

CMGT-101: Construction Graphics 2-2-3

The course is an introduction to the nature and vocabulary of graphical expression used in construction drawings, details and sketches in the architectural, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. Students develop an appreciation for the importance of effective graphical documentation and interpret drawings in terms of form, size, distance, quantity and interrelation of elements. Emphasis is placed on effective sketched, verbal and written expression of drawing interpretations to audiences not familiar with construction drawings. Prerequisites: None, Students not majoring in Construction Management must have permission from the Program Director.

CMGT-102: Introduction to the Construction Industry 3-0-3

Throuh analysis of the relevant case studies, this course examines construction management concepts and principles as applied to contemporary practice and investigates the intersecting roles of construction manager, architect, client and general contractor. Topics include planning, programming and documentation from pre-construction to project close-out; legal aspects relative to environmental protection, public and worker safety, contract documents, insurance and bonds; labor relations and inspection; project control, total quality management and ethics in construction management. Prerequisites: None.

CMGT-104: Introduction to the Construction Management 3-0-3

Utilizing pertinent case studies, this course focuses upon the planning and scheduling stages of the building process, with particular emphasis upon reading construction documents and basic estimating principles applied to small-scale, residential and commercial projects. Construction site procedures, as well as techniques for estimating unit quantities and costs of materials, labor and equipment, are introduced and given industry application utilizing building specifications and computer software. Prerequisites: CMGT-102

CMGT-200: Construction Project Planning and Scheduling 2-2-3

This course provides a study and application of the tools and concepts used in planning and controlling construction projects. Students employ the Critical Path Method (CPM) of project scheduling, resource leveling and time-cost analysis using manual and computer-based solution methods to develop and maintain working project schedule models.Prerequisites: CMGT 104 Introduction to Construction Project Management and CMGT 101 Construction Graphics or, permission of the Program Director.

CMGT-202: Construction Cost Estimating and Budgeting 2-2-3

This experiential course familiarizes students with manual and computer aided techniques of contract document quantity surveys, estimated cost calculations and the development and maintenance of purchase and management budgets. Prerequisites: CMGT-104 and CMGT-101 or permission of the Program Director

CMGT-204: Behavior of Materials 3-0-3

This course familiarizes students with the mechanical behavior of materials and systems in
equilibrium using Newton's laws of motion. Students will examine the principles of force
equilibrium, construct free-body diagrams, and model the effect on various structural shapes and
materials under load. Prerequisite: MATH-103 or MATH-111 and PHYS-101

CMGT-206: Building Systems 3-0-3

This course introduces students to the foundation, structural, envelope, Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and automation systems and their interaction in a functioning building facility. Emphasis is placed on value achieved through constructability, performance, and sustainability characteristics. Prerequisite: CMGT 102

CMGT- 300: Construction Accounting and Cost Control 3-0-3

This course familiarizes students with construction cost accounting systems and reporting formats. Students will examine the sources of cost data and report generation and will evaluate performance based on analysis of data for labor, material, equipment, and subcontract cost. Emphasis is placed on the formulation of management decisions and the ongoing evaluation of their effectiveness. Prerequisite: CMGT 202, ACCT 101

CMGT-302: Construction Contact Administration 3-0-3

This course familiarizes students with the various forms of contract used in the construction industry and best practices for their administration and management. Through exploration of cases and current events, students will explore contract operation regarding rights, duties, responsibilities, claims management and assignment of risk. Emphasis is placed on the management of contracts as a means for the achievement of overall project success. Prerequisite: CMGT 102.

CMGT-304: Construction Safety and Risk Management 3-0-3

This course familiarizes students with best practices for risk identification, assessment, and mitigation for construction businesses and projects. Students will examine case examples of construction industry businesses and construction project site conditions, identify and assess specific risks, and formulate management plans to mitigate and manage the risks. Particular emphasis is placed on OSHA compliance and worksite safety management. Prerequisite: CMGT 102

CMGT-306: Construction Site Operations 3-0-3

This course familiarizes students with methods, procedures, and practices required for the effective management of field operations preparing students to assess construction project sites and prepare comprehensive site management plans. The course explores aspects of site management such as layout, logistics, sustainable practices, administration, and false work in a hands-on collaborative environment. Prerequisite: CMGT 102.

CMGT-308: Construction Safety Lab 0-1-1

This one hour course deepens student awareness and understanding of jobsite safety hazards, mitigation techniques, and OSHA Regulation compliance. Particular emphasis is placed on hands-on practical application of the principles covered in CMGT 3xx, Construction Safety and Risk Management. Prerequisite: CMGT 102, Co - requisite: CMGT 304

CMGT 499: Construction Capstone Project 1-4-3

This course develops a higher level understanding of the construction process by examining the problem solving that begins with conception and progresses through the completion, start-up and maintenance of a project. Utilizing the technical design drawings that students completed in ARCH-324 Visualization: Experimental Modeling and generated through Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, this course provides an opportunity to simulate the progressive stages of a construction project, thereby synthesizing knowledge and skills acquired in previous coursework. Prerequisites: ARCH-428, ARCH-324

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