Making an Appointment

In order to meet with a counselor, it is necessary that you arrange an appointment ahead of time. You may do this by:

Calling 215-951-2868 or emailing

Be sure to include times that you are available to meet with a counselor.

Every effort will be made to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Keeping regular appointments with a counselor is a critical part of the counseling process.  Students who need to cancel an appointment should call Counseling Services at 215.951.2868 or email her/his counselor as soon as possible.  If you call after normal working hours you may leave a confidential message on Counseling Services voicemail.  Students who exceed three missed appointments (cancellations or no show) in an academic year will be removed from the counselor's schedule and referred to a mental health provider off campus.

No appointment is needed to have a short meeting with a counselor during the Drop-In Hour (4pm-5pm weekdays). If more time is needed the counselor will schedule an appointment with you. 

Often there are times during each semester when student requests for appointments exceeds the times that counselors are available.  In those instances, students may request to be placed on the waiting list by meeting with one of the counselors during Drop-In Hour.  The waiting list is monitored closely and most students are offered an appointment within a short period of time.

If the situation is an emergency after normal working hours, resident students should notify an RA or RC. Any member of the community may contact Security for emergencies at 215.951.2999.