Useful Links

Below are some websites with useful information for college students

  • CollegeResponse - 24 hour mental health screenings for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post traumatic stress, bipolar disorder and alcohol abuse.  Free and completely confidential.
  • Online Relaxation Exercises - Reduce your stress level by trying one of these relaxation techniques. 
  • Mindfulness Meditation - Introduction to to mindfulness meditation practices you can download or play.
  • APA Help Center – American Psychological Association’s resource center. Information for everybody. 
  • Go Ask Alice - Go ahead! Ask whatever you want about anything related to drugs, sex, relationships, fitness, nutrition, mental health or any health related topics.  Great question and answer site. 
  • Half of Us - Site dedicated to preventing suicide. Information and resources specifically about college student mental health issues.  Screening tools, resources and ideas for fighting stigma around mental health concerns.
  • Psych Central – Lots of information about psychology, mental health and support resources.  Try the on-line interactive quizzes. 
  • HelpGuide.Org - Information about psychological and emotional trauma.  Causes, effects and some suggestion for what to do about it.
  • Rethinking Drinking - Great resource for exploring researched based information about the impact of harmful drinking habits.  Includes tools to check out your own drinking pattern.
  • Drug Use and College - Learn more about most commonly misused and abused drugs on college campuses
  • Children of AlcoholicsInformation and support for dealing with a parent's substance abuse.