M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management

Financial Aid

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NEW - Please note the following change in the definition of graduate credit hours.  Members of Philadelphia University's administrative staff are work with the federal government to implement these changes as early as the summer 2013 semester.  Philadelphia University will define graduate credit hours in the following way:

  • 6 & > credits is equal to fulltime
  • 3 to 5.999 credits is equal to half-time and
  • 0.5 to 2.999 credits is equal to less time.

The approved change allows graduate students to be eligible for federal financial aid while taking as few as 3 graduate credits in a semester.

Financial Aid FAQ

Are there any scholarship funds available?
Philadelphia University has demonstrated our commitment to the Disaster Medicine and Management graduate students with a unique scholarship offer to qualified new students.  The Dean's Scholarship is awarded to academically superior DMM students, based on both cumulative undergraduate grade point averages and program review criteria. Each semester a group of newly accepted students are selected to receive this award.  Applicants are automatically considered for the scholarship during the application review process with proper documentation.

When can I apply for financial aid?
A student can apply for aid anytime after January 1st of the academic year for which they plan to enroll.

Is that the only form that I need to fill out?
Philadelphia University requires that all students who are applying for aid from the University file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

DMM students need to fill out a form which is submitted to our Financial Aid office. Access to this form can be found at this link.  This includes your plan for the academic year.  If you change the number of credits taken during the term, you must notify financial aid.

How long will it take for me to be approved?
A student should receive a financial aid award letter 3-4 weeks after you have filed your FAFSA and have been accepted to the program.

How many courses do I need to take to be eligible for financial aid?
Loans available to students enrolled for at least three credit hours per 15 week term (half time enrollment).

Do I have to apply each term for financial aid?
No, students will need to file a FAFSA once each academic year to re-apply for aid.

A student will also need to submit a DMM institutional aid application each academic year. It should be updated if there were changes in the student's academic/enrollment plans.

When and how will I be contacted by someone in financial aid?
Students will receive an award letter from the financial aid office detailing the student's aid eligibility approximately 3-4 weeks after the FAFSA has been filed and the DMM institutional aid application has been completed. The student must be accepted into the program before they will hear from financial aid.

Who should be contacted in financial aid for other questions or information?
The student can call 215-951-2940 for financial aid information or email them at financialaid@philau.edu to get any additional questions answered.

What if I am a veteran and have veteran's benefits?
The student should contact the financial aid office to speak with the VA representative. Once the student has started the program, the financial aid office will then certify enrollment to the VA.

What is tuition?

Please visit the University's Student Accounts page for updated tuition information.

When is tuition due?
Following registration, a student can view their account status using the QuikPAY link in Webadvisor. From the QuikPAY menu, choose “View Accounts” and then “Account Status”. Billing statements are issued monthly and are available online by the second Saturday of each month. The student will receive an email to their University email notifying them when the statement is available. For a student to access their statement, use the “View Accounts” link in QuikPay and then choose the “Current Statement” link. Updates between statements will be reflected under the Account Status link.

What forms of payment are accepted?
The University accepts online tuition payments via QuikPAY. There is no fee to pay by electronic check. Credit card payments (American Express, Discover and MasterCard) will be assessed a 2.75% service fee. Payment of balances can also be made via mail with a personal or certified check or money order.

Can payment be made online?
Payments can be made on-line via QuikPAY. Access to QuikPAY can be gained via WebAdvisor at www.philau.edu/WebAdvisor. From the student menu, access to the QuikPAY line located on the Billing Information menu.

Can I pay my tuition in installments?
Students can request a three-payment installment plan. Payments are due monthly with the first payment due by the first day of classes each semester. Students must contact the (studentaccounts@philau.edu) and sign a promissory note. A new payment plan and promissory note are required each semester.

How are third party payments handled?
Some students have the benefit of their employer paying for their education. A student may submit a purchase order, letter or form provided by their employer advising the University of the amount to invoice the employer. Forms should be submitted to the Student Accounts Office before the first day of the semester and a new form is required for each semester. If a student’s employer does not have a form; please access this link.

If for some reason, I need to withdraw from a course, will I receive any reimbursement?
The following is the University’s tuition refund policy if a student needs to withdraw from a course (Online classes follow the refund policy regardless of log-in status):

Any time before the class begins


First week of class


Second week of class


Third week of class


Beginning the fourth week of class


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