M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management

M.S. Curriculum

The program is designed as a 36-credit, 12-course curriculum that can be completed in one to three years depending on the course load taken by the student. The courses will be offered in four 12-week semesters per year.  Eight courses are required as outlined in the core section; with 4 electives that you choose from among the course offerings.

The DMM Program is delivered in 2 ways:

  1. Students can study from your home country in a primarily online education program.  Make sure you have a good computer access (with a microphone) as well as access to library materials for research.  You will participate in online classes and are required to attend the 6.5 day on-campus conference week during the summer session you are enrolled in DMM 635 and DMM 639.  You can choose how many classes to enroll in a term depending on work and family responsibilities.
  2. Students can come to the campus to study in a fulltime hybrid on-campus program - this method allows you to complete the program by registering for classes that combine in-person, classroom seminars and activities with supportive material in the Blackboard learning management system.  You will participate in specific in-person seminars with faculty while engaging in a spirited dialogue with your classmates from other parts of the country and world.  Using the University resources and our academic partners, we have designed the hybrid course sections with opportunities to explore and discuss pertinent topics during each term.

    Students enrolled in the on-campus method will also attend the 6.5 day on-campus conference week during the summer session they are enrolled in DMM 635 and DMM 639.  The design of the hybrid on-campus model fulfills the U.S. Federal Government fulltime status requirements for F1 student visas.

Both options include a variety of teaching modalities such as on-line PowerPoint© lectures with audio, asynchronous discussion boards, synchronous chat rooms, reading assignments, research papers, on-line journals and on-line testing.

Please note: 2 core courses - DMM-635 and DMM-639 -  require both online and on-campus participation during a summer session. All students are required to attend one 6.5-day, on-campus, summer seminar that will include live lectures, hands-on skills labs, role-playing seminars, disaster drills and a table-top exercise. This summer seminar is a mandatory component of two of the required courses (DMM-635 and DMM-639).

All students will also be required to complete a capstone experience that has several options, but a formal thesis is not required. The program can arrange for students to participate in an internship at a site that provides emergency and disaster planning and preparedness in the United States and internationally.

Sample Course Sequence DMM program 

Since students have the option to take from 1 -3 courses per term this is presented as a sample schedule. Students are required to complete a course plan based upon the course schedule provided, taking into consideration the terms elective courses are offered.

Fall term 1
DMM 611 Principle of Disaster Medicine and Management
Elective # 1

Winter term 2
DMM 647 Disaster Emergency Planning
DMM643 Public Health Implication in Disasters

Spring term 3          
DMM 631 Organizational Management and Communications in Disasters
Elective # 2

Summer term 4
DMM 635 Psychological Aspects of Disasters
DMM 639 Principles of Disaster Exercises and Drills

Fall term 5
DMM 651 Applied Research and Statistics
Elective # 3

Winter term 6
DMM 755 – Capstone
Elective #4

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