M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management

Degree Options

MS in Disaster Medicine and Management

M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management has two options for completion.  The primary route is done mainly as a distance learning program which can be done both for students from the US and for international students.  All students are required to participate in the one on-campus conference week in the summer (6.5 days).  In this program students complete the course sequence as it fits their schedule.

The newer option, particularly popular with international students allow students to come to the campus to study in a fulltime program.  This new option allows students to complete the program by registering for classes that combine in-person classroom seminars and activities with supportive material in the Blackboard learning management system.  

Using the University resources and our academic partners, we have designed the hybrid on-campus course sections with opportunities to explore and discuss pertinent topics during each term.

**International students that come to the University note: International students need to be registered as fulltime students completing 3 courses (9 credits) a term. It is important to note that depending on which term you begin, several courses do have prerequisites so the length of the program is dependent on this course sequencing.

Certificate Programs

The program also offers two nine-credit, three-course, graduate certificates for professionals seeking a less intensive educational experience. One involves core material on Disaster Medicine and Management, the second certificate addresses business and crisis continuity issues.

Disaster Medicine and Management Certificate
This program is for working professionals seeking a less intensive educational experience. This certificate involves core material in disaster medicine and management. Two courses required: DMM-611 - Principles of Disaster Medicine and Management and DMM-647 - Disaster Emergency Planning. The final 3 credits can be selected from  any of the elective courses. 

Business and Organizational Continuity Certificate

Each year, nearly one in five businesses will face a major disruption such as data loss due to power outage or a natural disaster that destroys an office, an entire facility or a unit of government. The graduate Certificate of Study in Business Continuity is designed to provide awareness of and to integrate methods of recognition of vulnerability and the effects of risk and steps inherent to effective recovery. The Certificate is granted after completion of three (3-credit) courses.

The course sequence is designed for working professionals interested in business continuity issues, as well as those pursuing the full master’s degree sequence in Disaster Medicine and Management.

This certificate involves DMM-625 - Business and Planning for Crisis Continuity; DMM-624 - Organizational Risk and Crisis Management and DMM-626 - Organizational Recovery and Planning. 

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