M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management

MS in Disaster Medicine and Management

Program Delivery:

M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management has two options for completion. 


The first method is done mainly as a distance learning program which can be done both for students from the US and for international students.  This actively engaged process involves research, discussion boards, adobe chats, and a variety of assignments that lead to participating in the emergency management community.  All students are required to participate one time in the on-campus conference week offered only in the summer (6.5 days).  In this program students complete the course sequence as it fits their schedule.


The second delivery method, particularly popular with international students, allows students to come to the campus to study in a fulltime, classroom based program.  This more traditional delivery style allows students to complete the program by registering for class sections that combine in-person classroom seminars and activities with supportive material in the Blackboard learning management system.  Students must attend classes and participate in faculty led activities in the community. Although graduate study is a more independent, research and writing intensive process than undergraduate education, ample opportunities exist for in-person activities.  These required sessions involve lecture material, as well as application to real world learning opportunities to gain experience. The integration of theory and practice is emphasized. It is required for international students present in the US to attend these classroom based sections.

**International students that come to the University note: International students need to be registered as fulltime students completing 3 courses (9 credits) a term. It is important to note that depending on which term you begin, several courses do have prerequisites so the length of the program is dependent on this course sequencing.


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