M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How are courses delivered?
Courses are delivered through Blackboard.  Once a student has been accepted into the program, they will be issued a log-on and password. Access to Blackboard can be found at http://bb.philau.edu/. On-campus students will be assigned classrooms in addition to a Blackboard account.

How much time is expected per course?
A student should expect to spend about 10-15 hours per week per course. This involves reading content materials, assignments, posting in the discussion board and reading and responding to classmate postings.

When can a student begin the program?
A student can begin in the program beginning with any term. Courses are sixteen weeks and there are three terms per year Fall, Spring and Summer.

When are application materials due to Graduate Admissions?
Fall Term - due by June 30
Spring Term - due by November 20
Summer Term - due by March 30

Is there orientation for new students?

Yes. Information on orientation for all new students at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) can be found below. There is always orientation one week before the start of the term.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  If studying on-campus, we strongly recommend arriving in Philadelphia two weeks prior to the start of the term to get your affairs in order (find housing, transportation, etc.). For information on the international student orientation, click here.

Local new students, are welcome to attend new student orientation—find more information here.

***In addition, our program will have a separate orientation for new students.***

Where can a student purchase textbooks for classes?
A student can purchase textbooks from the University's Campus Store or they can be purchased whatever method is most convenient to the student.

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