B.S.E. Engineering

Composites Engineering Concentration

Composite engineers design composite materials and structures for aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, and recreational applications.  In this concentration, you will learn the language of composite material processing and develop a working knowledge of various materials and processes associated with composites design and manufacturing. You will learn industry techniques like mechanical testing to determine composite properties, and how to use industry tools such as finite element analysis to determine mechanical properties of composites based on their molecular, micro, and macro structures.

As a student in the composites engineering concentration, you will develop a working knowledge of major composites manufacturing processes such as resin transfer molding, vacuum bagging, heated press molding, filament winding, fiber placement, tape layup, pultrusion, and thermoplastics processing.

As a senior, you will use all learned techniques to complete a capstone design project that ties together all skills learned in the program. Recently, for example, students designed and built a working acoustic guitar using only composite materials and fabrication processes.

This concentration coupled with the core engineering education requirements of the B.S.E in Engineering provides a broad education with unique focus that enables graduates to participate in the composites engineering field as well as broader engineering practice.

For a listing of all the courses for the B.S.E. Engineering major with Composites concentration please go to: http://www.philau.edu/catalog/

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