B.S.E. Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering Concentration

Industrial and systems engineers organize the people, information, energy, materials and machines involved in the production process.

As a student in the industrial and systems engineering concentration, you will learn to make systems work better, more safely, and more economically. You will learn applications in manufacturing, like integrating design and management, quality control and the human factors of engineering; as well as in management, dealing with operations, business planning, financial analysis and project management.

As a senior, you will complete a capstone design project that ties together all skills learned in the program. Recently, for example, students designed and simulated the product flow through a new distribution center being built by industry partner company, Destination Maternity.

This concentration coupled with the core engineering education requirements of the B.S.E in Engineering provides a broad education with unique focus that enables graduates to participate in the industrial and systems engineering field and as well as broader engineering practice.

For a listing of all the courses for the B.S.E. Engineering major with Industrial and Systems Engineering concentration please go to: http://www.philau.edu/catalog/.

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