B.S.E. Engineering


First Year (35 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • Pathways Seminar
  • Writing Seminar I: Written Communication
  • Debating U.S. Issues
  • Calculus I
  • Physics I with Lab
  • Chemistry I with Lab
  • Calculus II

DEC Core

  • Integrative Design Process 

Major Courses

  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Introduction to Computing 
  • Engineering Drawing

Second Year (35 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • Global Diversity or Global Citizenship
  • Writing Seminar II: Multimedia Communication

DEC Core

  • Systems: Scientific Understanding
  • Framework: Business Models

Major Courses

  • Physics II with Lab
  • Calculus III
  • Engineering Statics
  • Differential Equations
  • Engineering Dynamics
  • Engineering Statistics I
  • Mechanics of Materials

Third Year (30 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • American Diversity
  • Debating Global Issues

DEC Methods

  • Integrative Seminar – Ethnographic Research Methods

Major Courses
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I or Operations Research I 
  • Integrated Engineering Product Development 
  • Fluid Mechanics 
  • Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer I
  • [2] Engineering Concentration Courses (6 credits) 

Fourth Year (28 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • Capstone Folio Workshop
  • Ethics

Major Courses
  • Engineering Economics
  • Operation Research I or Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I 
  • Introduction to Mechatronics
  • Senior Design Project I
  • Senior Design Project II
  • [2] Engineering Concentration Courses (6 credits)

Total: 128 credits

For complete course descriptions, and concentration options, please visit the Thomas Jefferson University Undergraduate Course Descriptions here.

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