B.S.E. Engineering
Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce

Architectural Engineering

Working alongside architects architectural engineers help make a building a place to live, work, or play. They work on engineered systems like the structure, lighting, or ventilation of a building. This concentration coupled with the core engineering education requirements of the BS in Engineering will give you a unique education that will enable you to participate in this field. Some of the courses in the concentration are:

Technology I: Materials and Methods
This course focuses on the presentation of the technical factors of construction that affect a building's structure. Students are introduced to and compare the nature and structural characteristics of the major construction systems of wood, masonry, steel and concrete. Structural principles, as well as building and zoning codes, are introduced and their influence on form and choice of materials is emphasized.

Building Technology II
This course focuses on technological factors of construction that affect a building's exterior and interior envelope. Students are introduced to the environmental factors that impact buildings and the enclosure systems available to temper them. Interior finish materials and their methods of application, as well as basic mechanical, electrical and life-safety systems are also presented.

Technology III: Lighting and Acoustics
This course is an introduction to interior lighting and acoustic design fundamentals and theory. It will explore concepts of light and lighting, their measurement and available technologies used in lighting design. Knowledge will be applied to the selection and integration of lighting fixtures into an architectural-design project. Principles of acoustics, acoustic properties of materials and building systems and their impact on architectural design will also be addressed. Class demonstrations will be used whenever possible.

Technology IV: Dynamic Systems
This course will present the basic theory and techniques associated with interior building mechanical and electrical systems including HVAC, power, plumbing, life-safety and fire-protection systems. Emphasis will be placed upon the integration of architectural and engineering design processes within the physical building, particularly the development of quantitative procedures that support the implementation of sustainable-design principles. This course will contribute to the development of system concepts for use in design projects.

For a listing of all the courses for the BSE Engineering major with Architectural Engineering concentration please go to: http://www.philau.edu/catalog/