B.S.E. Engineering
Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce

Textile Engineering

The textile industry is undergoing a rapid change in the United States and throughout the world. Traditional textile processes have changed, through increased use of electronics, control systems and automation. Non-traditional textiles have consistently grown with applications in automotive, aerospace, geotextiles and other areas.

This concentration coupled with the core engineering education requirements of the BS in Engineering will give you a unique education that will enable you to participate in this field. Some of the courses in this concentration are:

Textile Engineering I (Linear Assemblies – Fibers & Yarns)
Molecular structure and morphologies of fibers. Physical, chemical and mechanical properties and behavior of fibers. Fiber production processes. An examination of systems employed in conversion of fibers into textile structures. Relationships between material/process constraints and product functional quality are analyzed.

Textile Engineering II (Planar Assemblies)
Basic and complex designs. Multiple layer, tubular and near net shape structures. Use of dobby and Jacquard. Development and visualization of woven and knit fabric structures using CAD. Tensile, shear and bending characteristics of woven and knit fabrics. Effect of uniaxial and biaxial forces acting on fabrics. Effect of Poisson’s ratio. Fabric drape and formation of double curvatures. Fabric surface characteristics.

Textile Engineering III: Nonwovens and Chemical Processing
This lab-based course will focus on the production and evaluation of nonwoven fabrics, including web forming and bonding methods, and on coloration techniques, including dyeing and printing; as well as aesthetic and functional finishing.

Textile Engineering IV: Advanced Fibrous Materials
Mechanics and processes for producing functionally advanced fibrous materials. Architectural, aerospace, recreational and biomedical application of textiles. Concepts of advanced fiber composites will be covered.

For a listing of all the courses for the BSE Engineering major with Textile Engineering concentration please go to: http://www.philau.edu/catalog/