B.S.E. Engineering
Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Roller Coaster Industrial and systems engineers organize the people, information, energy, materials and machines involved in the production process. They make things and systems work better, more safely, and more economically. Industrial and systems engineers might work in manufacturing – integrating design and management, quality control and the human factors of engineering. Or they might work in management systems because their training makes them ideal for dealing with operations, business planning, financial analysis and project management.  

This concentration coupled with the core engineering education requirements of the BS in Engineering will give you a unique education that will enable you to participate in this field. Some of the courses in this concentration are:

Procedures and rationale for planning, designing and implementing computer simulation experiments used to analyze human-machine systems in engineering and business. Extensive use of computer software systems.

Production Planning and Control
Inventory Management, Forecasting, Production Systems, Aggregate and Workforce Planning, Production Scheduling.

Operations Research II
A continuation of the concepts explored in Operations Research I. Probabilistic models for operations research; inventory theory and planning; queuing theory and simulation. Exploration of Markov chains.

Manufacturing Quality Control
Analysis of factors affecting quality of products and processes. Process control charts; measurement error; sampling plans; quality audits and organization.

For a listing of all the courses for the BSE Engineering major with Industrial and Systems Engineering concentration please go to: http://www.philau.edu/catalog/